Hazardous - House Parties [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Hazardous
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki


[Verse 1: Trill Carl]
I just write music cus I have the talent
.. Uh
But if I make it big and live lavish I'm gonna buy a palace
.. Uh
I'm trynna have more green then a salad
Living in a world that's full of drama and malice
Cus life ain't beautiful its not a beauty pageant
The only thing beautiful is the girls in my basement
Blowing on illegal stuff and also taking
Sips of that turnt juice so turn up
Watch what u say cus you do not wanna get fucked up
Parties everyday so homie lets rage
Your girl blows on my dick so much she got a tooth ache
But hey
I didn't make her do it homie asked to
Come to my crib it's the one with the statue
Neighbors getting mad saying to turn it down
But like Mac miller said I like my music real loud
Hol up hol up this track is Andre Hickland's
Featuring the trillest muthafucka that's spittin
Back to the crib yeah the shit is enormous
This the shit you get when you rap about shit thats important
To the muthafucka that loss someone in vain
Keep ya chin up boy cus I feel ya pain
Here's a invite to my crib in NYC
I got naked girl & booze so let's party

[Hook: Andre Hickland]
I got yellow Lamborghini's
Got my crew sippin' martini's
I got a name brands on my beanie
Bad bitches wearing bikinis
I got homes in ATL
Got a pool in my hotel
I got a seven story home
Supreme 5-pannal on my dome
I'm burning hundred dollar bills
Signing million dollar deals
We eating thousand dollar meals
So motherfucker how it feel
Knowing we came up from nothing
And we stunting without a reason
Playing shows on every week day
House parties on every weekend

[Verse 2: Andre Hickland]
Ever wake up one day and say to yourself man I'm the shit
That's part of your daily routine when you putting in that work and your living like this
It feels so good knowing you've accomplished half of the goals that were on your list
And everybody who once doubted you bumps to your shit
And everybody around you fucks with the clique
Guess you can say I'm killing it
That an understatement
Nigga I'm working on underpayment
And still buying these studio hours I promise you haters imma make it
Imma blow up bitch imma get famous
And take the Trill Family out to Vegas
Imma go down as one of the greatest
And the king gonna know me on a first name basis
Cause the king gonna be me nigga
Ain't nobody working like me nigga
It's me a dollar and a dream nigga
Cash rules everything around me C.R.E.A.M. nigga
Looking at the charts and I bet I'm at the top
Shit's staying the same like I'm walking out of a barbershop
I'm making moves my nigga I can't stop
So I'm finna keep going 'till my competition drops
Hol' up real nigga talking ho
If she ain't talking trill family tell that bitch to shut up ho
In the cut chilling homie you already know
Out here killing homie you don't wanna know
Finna kill when I get it
Cause I kill it when I spit it
Fuck a limit just I'll shit when I kick a flow


[Verse 3: Trill Carl]
Oh Trill got a second verse?
Man this is the best song ever
You kept saying that he sucked but now he got your
Girlfriend at his house party drunk
And I know that shit stinks like the spray of a skunk
I give a fuck about a muthafucka that was talking shit cus when u look at my yacht and my crib homie I won
Neighbors getting mad saying that those meddling
Stupid muthafucking rappers always partying
And disturbing my sleep .. Yea they are menacing
Knocking asking for Carl but no bitch I'm Gregory
Now hatred enter your eyes suddenly
Couldn't afford one pair of Jordan's now I got 23
But now I'm done so pass mic to Dre
But hurry up you can't let ya girl Rianna wait

[Verse 4: Andre Hickland]
I'm just wanna vibe
I'm just wanna ride
I'm cruising niggas wanna kill my shine
Y'all can't touch the man of the year
The man of every year superior to my peers for real
Hate me but I got fat stacks in my pocket
I got nike boxes in my closet
Fuck the popular kids that weren't part of the process but all on my dick now that I got a fat wallet
Before I rapped I only fucked with two niggas
Now that I rap I ain't about fucking with new niggas
Freshman but the definition of a true spitter
Can't name a rapper my age who iller
Revolutionary with every single word that I spoke
Unforgettable with every single song that I wrote
I'm dope mind coke I choke I know that ya tape without me is only a fucking joke nigga


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