Hazardous - Trill Logic [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Hazardous
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1]
Box logo across my chest
Humiliate the rapper who claim he next
My persona be breaking necks
I put in work and take in checks
Nothing personal it's strictly business
Flip off an olympic gymnast
Don't wanna be the next nigga on my hit list
Obliterate you and anybody who a witness
Trill logic in the cockpit no nonsense
No demise for this young prospect
I'm putting in work for that next project
Kill 'em when I hit 'em with that new hot shit
I clock I put in work and watch it take off like a Houston rocket
You can't stop it so just drop it and watch all the shit I'm about to accomplish
Nigga I'm OG
Like the '88 3s that are on my feet
But I'm carrying my squad like Kobe
Shout out to a motherfuker thinking he know me
Niggas don't know me
A serial killer on the low key
No force your throwing is gonna hold me
Nothing you drop will make me stop till I hop to the top getting top work ethic is so unholy
I got no time for these bitches
Drop an atomic bomb on these bitches
And when I say bitches I ain't talking about women
I'm talking about the niggas that bitch for a living
I'm dope so fuck your opinion
Your criticism is what keeps me driven
My flow is killing while chilling like a villain on Ritalin murder a synonym motherfucker I'm killing it
Trill family
Motherfucker I'm going Chris Hammity
I'm like riding a bike with no handle bars
In other words these niggas they can't handle me
Getting money staying fly I'm so ill but I'm not sick
A death rest on my conscious but I'm still rolling nigga
Trill logic

[Hook x8]
Trill logic

[Post-Hook x2]
My squad be staying evil with that ego
And we kill wherever we go
Our demeanor so illegal

[Verse 2]
Ok and I'm right back on this shit
I kick a flow like a ninja kick
Fuck with us my squad equipped
We put a nigga to sleep real quick
Watch it pop harder than a heel flip
And we toss the body to the trunk of the whip
Hop in the car to going for a trip
Like smokeless tobacco my nigga we dip
You thought you could run motherfuker
You must think that you Usain Bolt motherfuker
I've killed before so in my eyes you just another number
When you in my presence you see you got it bad like Usher
I toss bullets like a quarterback
My bars give a critic a heart attack
These niggas can't hold me back
From your chest meet the sole of my air max
Niggas wanna be big it's Kevin Hart against Shaq
Big enough to hold the world right up on my back
Black jack wolf pack back pack who that snapback coming with that high school rap
Leap of faith from the free throw line
My rookie year is MJ in his prime
Electricity running trough my spine
Just lay out on the mic what's on my mind
I stay in the lab getting on my grind
Plotting this moment my whole entire life
I've waited long enough and now it's time
Steal the rap game without an accomplice
The impact my words have are chronic
Drop a bomb into the center of a mosh pit
Girls sing my lyrics and they thick like Robin
Getting money staying fly I'm so ill but I'm not sick
Another death rest on my conscious and I'm still rolling nigga
Trill logic

[Post- Hook]

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