Hazardous - Royalty [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Hazardous
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1]
I'm a drug dealing murder cocaine addict and gangster
Woman strangler hijacking cars with a coat hanger
I'm aiming 9s at a banker just simply out of anger
Uneducated a jail cell is where I'm bound to be anchored
I'm guilty by association
Giving cops reason to kill me at any given time or location and it...
(Breaks my heart)
Knowing that right from the start
Society is only trying to pick and tear us apart
Unless you balling up or writing rhymes
Your only seen as a nigga who is devising crimes
That why I never roam the streets during my idle time
If I'm out of place they'll put a tear right to my mother's eye
Word to my mother I've
Recently been apprised
They'll put bullets between ya eyes
Just simply cause they despise
And they fear us and we fear them
To speak the truth is the only reason I ever even picked up the pen

This one goes out to Martin
This one goes out to Malcolm
Lord knows that we'd prolly fall to anarchy without 'em
This on goes out to Rosa
This one goes to the panthers
This one goes out to those who everyday search for an answer
This one goes to the rich kids
This one goes to my niggas
This one is for the perfect along with the sinners
This for you
I said this song is for you

[Verse 2]
We feel that rioting and violence would get us some form of justice
Instead we getting k9's SWAT teams and muskets
Everyday we fall victim to racism and injustice
And were expected to just look past and get adjusted
But I'm not with the black panther reforms
Every step that we think that we taking forward is a step to civil war
A nation that is deformed of people who won't conform
Like villain deceptions watch America transform
Rest in peace to Mike Brown
I pray that you ain't die in vain
Rest in peace to Trayvon
Cause he already died in vain
Media they could deprive you of your innocence
Stereotypes based on skin tone come on son that's ignorance
Enough with all that insolence I rise up for equivalence
The bulshit is ridiculous between us where the difference is
And it hurts me soul
Life is a movie and I'm just tryna play my roll


[Verse 3]
And these songs are a journal
I use it to confess the darkest parts of my internal
My poetry is used so I could openly express my thoughts totally
Also globally I swear there ain't no holding me
This ones for the lonely who living every day hopelessly
This ones for the popular and the awkward kid socially
You could say that I'm vocally going bigger than locally and hopefully I'm making moves for the entire world to see
Accusations assumptions by those who really know nothing
Public safety corruption and a nation of dysfunction
We're victims of deduction and also mental combustion
But somehow were destructive somehow we looked at as nothing
I'm making bold statements they stomp us into the pavement
They deprive us of greatness and expect us to be patient
Shit, there really is no right way to say it
But we gon pull through despite atrocities and hatred


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