Headkrack - Where You Are [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Headkrack
Data wydania: 2015-09-04
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: OA Trax
Tekst: Headkrack

Tekst piosenki

What up world
It's your man HeadKrack
Touching down for a second
I don't want no trouble
I don't mean no harm
I'm just here to inspire
Everybody should be inspired by something, right?
We all got our own stories
We all started from somewhere
I come from the same place y'all come from
Look at me now!

Verse 1
I'm from a lost land with no hope, president was pro-dope
Tho he said the opposite he hung us with a slow rope
No pope to bless us, caving to the pressures
Taught that our Keisha's not good as the Ke$ha's
Succumbing to the stresses my people we hustled up
Downside cops licking off shots and cuffing us
Parents basin chasing a high to get em by
Nobody came to find me when I'm outside
Watching Michael do the moonwalk Motown 25
Man they love this brother so much, same color as I
He my idol now, I needed inspiration
I was like 4 or 5 still I seen the greatness
Of where a dream can take it if make it sacred
And believe in self that no matter what you can make it
The lazy afraid to raise the bar
You can't change where ya from just where you are

Rest in peace the king of pop, Michael Jackson
Rest in peace Biggie, 2Pac, Eazy E, Jam Master J, Sean Price, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X
Rest in peace my cousin, smokin Joe Frazier
My grandmother Gloria, Rest in peace
There's also a lot of people alive still thuggin their way through this business
Let me break that down for a second

Verse 2
The dark side of success I seen it on the scenic
Road to my own goal people dealing with demons
Personal and persons with each level it worsens
Now I see why my idol always kept up a curtain
If you put work in you deserve it
We do this for the fans I'm not a star I'm a servant
I'm not perfect but my purpose is service those in trouble
When I look into my mirror I'm reminded of the struggle
Been kicked out, picked on, did wrong, done wrong
Been stole on, swung on, traveled with the gun on
Things that refined me but dont define me
So when a shorty need a word I offer it kindly
I may be the only pseudo celeb you'll ever meet
Born out of love but cradled by the streets
Instead of raising guns rather raise daughters sons and bars
Cause the youth dem just wanna be where you are

There it is my people
There is no box
Get outside of yours, alright?
It's ya man HeadKrack on the check in
Bodega Brovas LGA out soon
My solo album, The Rainmaker, coming sooner than you think
Believe in self, believe in God
Believe in Bodega
Shoutout to my man OA on the beat

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