Hyperaptive - One Of Them Dreams [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Hyperaptive
Album: Lyrically Designed Narcotics
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Hyperaptive

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Hyperaptive]

I keep having one of them dreams, where life-is-a-breeze
All the problems I've encountered all the strife-is-relieved
A picturesque world, one not rife-with-unease
Full of death and greed, where most of us have to fight-from-the-seed
One of them dreams
Where I ain't estranged-from-this-Earth
Never was that crazy kid who acted strange-and-berserk
Who stayed-in-a-murky
Room writing, just caged-in-his-work
Socially awkward with an unquenchable escapism-thirst
That dream where you get a second-chance
To go back to when you were younger and less-advanced
Retrace your steps from a wiser adolescent-stance
Never kicked from school, Never hung with pricks, have every mess-enhanced
A world where dad was in the family-pictures
Where the pictures consist of me maybe standing-with-sisters
Bros, cousins, like any standard family-mixtures
Not me and mum alone with not a hand-to-assist-us!
Stuck in a city full of little gangsters-and-emcees
Where the road ain't safe to roam around thanks-to-the-plentiful
Amount of crime and the threat of getting shanked-is-against-me
A dream where every fucking day my bank-isn't-empty!
A life where all and every struggle's-erased
Where the future ain't always completely muddled-and-hazed
Free from this world and all it's troublesome-ways
Then I open my eyes and it just fades…

[Hook: Alice Olivia]

I keep dreaming, one of them dreams
Everything seeming, the way it should be
But if I'm dreaming, leave me in peace
I prefer the feeling, When I'm asleep…

[Verse 2: Hyperaptive]

A world completely contrasted-to-this
Where we evolved and entirely mastered-the-list
Of world problems, where social class-is-a-myth
Where the rich, don't just live in a cosy narcissist-bliss!
While the rest are ditched, in a place that's poverty-ridden
A world where we can truly say equality's-given
A society that's free from our authority's-vision
Dictating how the mentality of the majority's-driven!
This solitary-prison!
Where we're told what to think, who-to-respect
How we should act, how to pick your shoes-or-your-dress
Everybody giving twisted admiration if you're huge-in-the-press
Glamorising stupidity, videos just oozing-with-sex!
Anything to have the youths imagination-abolished!
Keep them thinking their worth's decided by the weight-of-their-wallets!
These days you could be Shakespeare creating-his-sonnets
No one cares unless you're bragging being fake-and-dishonest
A world that's not content-with-the-notion
Of having our evolution essentially-frozen
Just so the ones at the top, the protentiously-spoken
Can hold a system destined to be eventually-broken!
A world far from the one-that-we-know
Where we're free to change and abundantly-grow
But with the way we're headed now that may not come-to-be-so
So for now, I'm keeping my eyes closed…

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