Jakk Frost - Code Of The Streets [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jakk Frost
Gatunek: Pop

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Tekst piosenki

I spit it for my kush smokin niggas the jarheads
This beat remind me of somethin B.R. said
All I do is sucker punches, and back smacks
You ain't got to be up on the stage to get clapped at
If you see me with a nap sack
Best believe I got a half a brick in it, and a black mack
Frost man young bitches call me Fat Jack
Send my niggas through your hood in a black ac (acura)
Black gloves, black hoodie and a black hat
Bout to send my grey wolves where you trap at
Infrared make it hard to miss, if you on the beach
Put his blood on the sand like sparticus
My crew get fresh like Barry B and Chill Will
Got down bitches that will murder like Kill Bill
The world keeps turnin my Glock keeps burnin
I'm rollin with the uma like my last name was Thurman
Linked up with papi, and tripled my earnings
Lyrical BMW I should spit it in German
Big bodies 750 and a rap gang
Bout to let the mack aim straight for your crack game
So next time the dice roll around me
The money right next to your ice on the ground
Or you can get your wig split twice on the ground
Don't make me tell Tam to hit you twice with the pound
Please don't think your sweet if I'm solo jakk
My strap will knock the horse off that polo hat
No matter if it's a group or solo track
None of ya'll little niggas got a flow like jakk
None of ya'll little niggas gettin dough like jakk
In the middle of the summer make it snow like jakk
Why you think they callin me frost?
First ya'll niggas wanna go to war
Then you callin' it off
First you got your own block, now you callin' me boss
It is what it is f*ck it call it a loss
But if I catch you callin the cops, ha
You can call it a death sentence, I just call it a Glock
I call it my bill money, you call it in rock
I gotta a whole seperate phone fiends callin' a lot
Frost get it poppin' from philly to boston
I got somethin for your depression, somethin for your coughin'
Xanax's in the pro left, Oh yes
I'm the one that the town watch protests
Philly is a whole mess
Even off duty cops can't walk around without no vest
Like Jante said I'm so fresh
I sell weed like D-O double G smoke, no stress
Friend to me, or enemy, you all I got it in for me
Make me wanna spray you like a quick game of centipede
Remember me?
I'm the little papi with the big shotty
That will knock the soul out your body
Don't get snotty talkin that dumb shit, I'll get body
Start talkin that gun shit
Want you to jump and get your mark ass delt with
You little buster (you strapped nigga!?) Hells Ya
PARTNA'ain't playin no games
Yesterday a little girl called me cocaine
No shame in my game that's my whole name
Only niggas call me shuski is my old gang
I'm on that soul plane, I need a perk brake
Codeine, you know that?
Everyday my birthday, it's P crakk percy
Let me get that OJ, a nigga a little thirsty
Now back to the business
Funny suddenly see you back on the diznick
Bunnies want me to bust em' open like a bisquit
All she get from me is 100's on her lipstick
In your mouth trick tell a friend and tell a friend again
I killed it in again like Biggie on the benjamins
I got some weed and two some bitches that I'm bent against
Got a fejita and a margarita cinnamon
Then again it shoulda been a treat to meet the ginger man
Am I him? or I am, catch me if you can
I got that slammer in my hand, ran into Will-I-am
Looked like he had bout 25 grand in them skinny pants
He said "well Goddamn chrissy don't stick me I'm your man"
I said "well Goddamn well willy you in my part of town
They call this hood the lands, and shit be goin down
Where little girls is infected and passin' it around
And 65% of the youngens is gay now

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