Jaykae - Spitfire [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jaykae
Data wydania: 2013-01-01
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Some real shit
Some real shit
No deal shit
Yeah its got to the stage were I don't feel shit
Member those days were i'd steal shit
Or run around the ends with the steel shit
So don't get me wrong I might deal shit
Cuz I'm still out here on some chill shit
And nuff man want to talk about clips and straps
But matter of fact they don't kill shit, ah
See last week, yeah my Auntie died..
And up until then yeah I'd hardly cried
I've been too gassed up on a party vibe
Is this the right way, is this the right way yo I can't decide
It might be left it might be right
Is he my bro or a snidey guy
Yeah I moved to the ends in 95
And in 2 double 07 I was writing rhymes
And six years flew
And I stayed relevant in them six years too
And people keep telling me yo this years you!
And I tell them mandem thanks for trying, you're not the man for grime
I'm the man for grime
And my nan was right, I'm a little bastard!
I've been mad for time!
I ain't scared of anybody that's alive!
Think I'm big now? Wait till I maximise!
Yo is Max alive?
Tell that waste man pass the mic!
And don't catch a hype
And don't throw jabs with a glass jaw fam you'll get smashed tonight
Just inter-rational, I'm just gonna keep travelling like I'm shit at basketball
Next year man I'm going international
Link skepta I'm gonna hit the capital, yeahh
See 2013's been a big year yeahh yeahh
When you'rewith Man City don't play like Sinclair yeah yeah
I might pin a bitch down like Rick Flair woooooh
And i dont worry about a ting because the tings there yeah the tings there
And im rick flare, I'm the nature boy I got paper boy
Yeah see this year it's been a big year
If you're a hater boy I'll see you later boy
I'll see you later boy
Guys wanna hate but I ain't annoyed
It's cool if you wanna give your mates a try
2013's when I made a noise
Ses 2013 when I rick flared him
All eyes on me but they quit staring
And ill slap a man down and I'll rick flare him
I'm rick flare oh yeah
Praise the lord because I'm breathing
Do the wrong things for the right reasons
And it's hype season
Right now it's emotional
Each of my bars are hotable
And I smoke until I dont feel sociable
You might get that work like you go to school
Blud i put in that work like i hold a tool
How you gonna get that ball rolling unless you roll the ball
You're not road at all
The bigger you are you're known to fool
You must know the rules
If not let me show you the ropes
Been around ere im a winner round here
I ain't got a clue how I lose a course
My insides full of liqour and ....?
Fam lifes about how you devote your time to live well and do your most
It ain't about to prove to those you're a shotter round here and you move those
You know why?
Say the wrong thing and you might get robbed
My mum asked me yo will i get a job
I told her, mum this is my job
Thinks that I'm lazy, I'll piss her right ofF!
Could have gone Uni and got a degree, but you won't see me sitting on a lecture
I'm gonna stay here keep doing my ting an fuck up the music and then a lil lecture
Now I got a brownie sucking me off just because I got a lil shout out from Skepta
Now I got a white girl pissing me off because I was in the ends and I din't text her
Shut up bitch leave me alone
Bust mans ting like disapranos
Grey goose henny and some disserano
Tell my man got bigger bars tho!
Cuz I can talk hard
Make an you??..
You might get shot like spray cans do!
And you can find me by St andrews!
And now or later we can have straightener
And after we can have a shakehands do?
.. I'm Brum town I;m looking to break man through
0121 I hate man U
Invasion alert is no waste man crew!

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