Jaykae - #TrendSetter - P110 [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jaykae
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Jaykae]
P110. Trendsetter Buisness
Jaykae, Froggy EP out now
Make sure you go fuckin' get that
Brum Life out soon, Big up my Small Heath mandem

[Verse: Jaykae]
Nah nah nah nah, that's not me
Cause I'm putting my city on the map properly
Can't rap properly
Talk about clash but they're not coming out like Black Ops 3 (that's a myth)
Just accept you want none of it, fuck it
Spin your whole crew for the fun of it
One 16 bar I'm Stone Cold Stunning it
Somebody ask somebody who's running it
Who's running our, who's running our scene?
It's 2014, I'm ahead of your team
But I had big man scared of our team
If you don't know Jaykae, where have you been?
Shook off a next man, that's not me
R.I.P. Depzman, that's my G
Interview rooms with their CCTV
But I'm telling them man that's not me
Like 2014, i'm ahead of your team
Heard Big Un's know me, I get em all in
Nan Ain't getting better on her morphine
And my mum tell's me go and chase your dream
Let me tell them again 2010
Couple fake friends, they ain't round me again
Got my back and I'm down to the end
Yeah this year look when he's outta the pen (OH Yeahhhh)
They never expected this what the bossman is back
I was chilling for a bit now i've got to react
I got fans telling me they was locked in .... (??)
It's time to go in now not to relax
I think breaktime's over
Damm right I felt Froggy so I got on the track
It's time to throw down couple crops in the flats
Smoking weed in the back of the whip with the windows down so i'm covered in ash
Thanking God i'm not one of those kids who was held back in life just because of his past
Can you imagine that?, I must be going mad in fact
The grime scene's over here right now and don't let them know when they can have it back
I got, 300,000 views in a month
Can't tell me shit man i do what i want
Miss passing my nigga twos on a blunt
When Depz died i realised who was a cunt
2Real (Yeah), do you wanna leave do you want a job?
Right now i'm with music man but i still show man what to do with a pot
Trust me don't say a word
Jaykae's smoking a whole day of herb
Don't lie about things if you know they occurred
Cah we don't respect that shit
If i'm not with my fam then i'm with my fam
Just know that I can't be stopped
Them man are praying for fame and fortune
While i'm just praying that i don't get locked
Right now I wanna thank God that i'm still breathin'
If I want her, the she will leave Him
M.O.B, make a mil' season
If you wanna war me, have a real reason
Wanna diss me? Then get yourself beaten
Right now I really want Michelle Keegan
Can't get a job?.. Well I'll sell weed then
There's nothing by the rules you can tell me
I beg somebody stops me, Before they lock me
If you're gonna come for me come for me properly
Yeah that WAS me, and THAT'S NOT ME
Big ballers, want it? die hotly...
Can't make 6ft man feel smaller
When I was a yout' used to eat my broccoli
For all the man who never faith in me
Yo, don't say nothing just watch me
I'm the Grime Scene's hooligan
Cause I know wa-gwarn' if i'm new to em' (wa-gwarn' = what's going on)
Fam never get short like a nutriment
And bare dicks, that's tight, no lubricant
But they're flows weak
Overly Slim, yeah yeah, don't speak
Cah' i'm known as a King
Stay there cos you're cheap
Put holes in you're skin
And I SWEAR, it's peak if I go to the gym
Dapz is a G, so i'm rollin' with him
We don't believe one word you say
Bout my job? on the curb's where I stay
My man are more fly than birds on a plane
You got a bright idea? No lighting bulb, nah...
You don't want me and my lad here to come drive to Wolves...
Yeah man-are from brum trust man about trust man are bout this life
Know what you are, but you're down, wee-size
Might get 'chewed' on a Rowntrees vibe
Keep your mouth shut when you're round these guys
Small Heath, we got Big Balls
Shotguns and nuff pistols
Rottweilers and Pit bulls
You're not dead, but you're wanting a 'quick cause' (OH YEAHHH)
Life that i'm livin' is greaze
Won't stop now til' i'm swimming in P's
Man look at me like my life's blessed
But trust me it's not as sick as it seems
Pass me the haze! Sick of this cheese
Mind of a man, throw brick or his piece
Nightmare shit, no liqorice dreams
And the strap, so there's more than a rip in his Jeans
It's greaze pussy...
Dun Kno!...

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