Jazz Primus - 1998 [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jazz Primus
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Flying Lotus

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Jazz]

Trip-hop,Psycho,psychedelic spitting LSD
These are just some or none of the words used in describing me
I got sick of class so the doctors start prescribing me
Bars and beats
To spit on instrumentals halfheartedly
That's too braggadocios
I just wanna be like Moses
Move water like osmosis
The picture was out of focus
To my astonishment
You get allot of money and women?
Wow what an accomplishment
But while you move weight
I was out here moving continents
Expand consciousness
I should smite you for your incompetence
Suspend services
When you fly you catch turbulence
"The healing component"
Fire it up and start serving
Sipping hydrogen
Two point oxygen
Spitting venom because i heard it had antioxidants
It a'int an accident the way i'm placing these adjectives
Mind your bee's wax before Nicki start trapping it


Because its 1998
Feeling brand new like it 1998
Because its 1998,1998,1998

Because its 1998
Born yesterday like its 1998
Cause its 1998,1998,1998

[Verse 2: Jazz]

Til' infinity and beyond
(infinity and beyond)
Benjamin be my bodyguard til' the haters begone
Flow clearly like water you see the beaches we on
You see the sequence of silently sowing seeds of alarm
Maybe you just don't get it
You'll probably say that you hate it
But whether you fake or faded im repeated inside your playlist
When i was like a year old
I was dreaming bout euros
Now im dreaming bout making it while my heads on the pillow
Im sleeping on you fools
Who invented the rules?
The boy got flow who you think filing the pools
The same one you took out consideration
The moment you pressed play you felt the precipitation
I broke the wind free no Oprah
My chakras ain't charmen i heard less is more that's why im full off a diet soda
Its still no accident
The way im shaking and baking and placing the adjectives


[Verse 3: Real Sweatpants]

Real, these predicates are prestigious
Hacking your Cerberus
Butt-head no beavus
I'd like to thank jesus
Ive been blessed since a fetus
Been walking on water before i knew where me feet is

[Verse 4 :Jazz]

Laker my paper i dare somebody to rip us
My feet firmly planted Donald sterling couldn't clip us
Spatula couldn't flip us
A bic couldn't flick us
Takes more then a couple silly rabbits to try and trick us
Its obviously a movement dreams clearly lucid
I have a piece of mind but like marbles im bound to lose
They marvel at how im marvelous
Take the record and loop it
Lucky that im a lotus cause i just show it and prove it
This is for the soul that's stuck in a low vibration
Sonic are my intentions
So put this song on rotation
Capital all my capitalist
Third eye activist
Abstract my analysis
Emphasis on my adjectives


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