Jazz Primus - Ultrasounds [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jazz Primus
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: CMRBeatz

Tekst piosenki

[verse 1/hook:Jazz]

Ultra surround sound
Spit it likes it's up town coming from downtown
Since 1998
Snatching DNA from your fallen hair follicles
Prodigal son with the blueprints
Im a nuisance
Got my two cents and built suspense
You lack substance your flows condensed
Put in a can and then dispensed
Wheres the defense?
Keep up on all the current events
My two bought a constellation
I heard your tape and for a week i had constipation
I drop mine
And for some weeks ill be the conversation
Scratch that years!
How you gone scratch the surface
You can't even wipe your tears
Ignite your fears
I'm a young pioneer
Like Paul revere
The cultures here!
Spitting sculptures thats not clear?
End your career
I should be in agriculture
Cus i got beats and turn ups
Spitting fire don't burn up
This fierce flow is unheard of
Tell em word up
And lately I've been balling on a budget
50 tyson sounds like a bag
Of tyson chicken nuggets
Most of these rappers puppets
I kick flow like kick stands
That make' em kick buckets
You're all hype beast
Watch my bread rise up
And i don't even like yeast


Ultra surround sounds
Spit it like its up town
Coming from downtown
Since 1998 i been mixing the compounds

[Verse 2:jazz]

Let me finish
Life is a game of quidditch
Can't Popeye for my spinach
They might try and destroy my image
Its just another gimmick
But thats when ill deploy my minions
Intentions sonic
My intuition vision bionic
My bars solid spit boulders plutonic
Some people rather sell they souls for a syllable
Begging to record like
Re tie my umbilical
Ambidextrous with these flows
Cus im so ill-riginal
Send all my text messages subliminal
Its so sublime now black people dying
And we got one in the white house
Future so bright
Like I'm staring at a lighthouse
Don't even hit me up
Unless you good then i might vouch
Learn this
Im spitting fire like a furnace
Born with this drive
I don't even have my permit
Frogs into tadpoles
You into kermit
Mind your business
Unless its business
I leave no witness
I'm at your door like Jehovah's witness
I'm into fitness
Progressing like a eucalyptus


[Verse 3:Traa]

Its tra-tastic
Flexing like gymnastic
My tactics nasty plastic
Filled with green grass
It makes my brain do backflips
Yeah I'm fire but i bet no one could match this
Flow so psychedelic your girl need an umbrella
Whenever she in my presence
My presentness impressive
So rappers getting defensive
Whenever i get aggressive
With my mind on the objective
Been searching for success
But i already posses it
Girls been getting possessive
While my crew just staying reckless
You need more then Miley cyrus
And a wrecking ball to wreck this
I ate this beat for breakfast
Just to show I'm in attendance
To rappers that stay attentive
I hope you got your [?]
To attending ten dilemmas
To winners on my agenda
No other crew ahead us i think i got influenza
Cus I'm too ill to remember just remember
Who i am


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