Jeezus - The Realest Ni**a [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jeezus
Data wydania: 2015-01-28
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Jeezus]
Jeezus I'm the realest nigga
Steady getting money I'm a bread winner
Pockets only plan on getting thicker
Cause I always had dreams of getting richer
Try to pop a nigga better reconsider
Chopper hit ya make ya shake like a seizure
I'll fuck your sister
And the bitch that's with ya
Take a bunch of pictures
Put them all on twitter
So chill out
Cause lil nigga I got hittas
Call up a bunch of niggas
To run through and put bullets in ya
Talking all that RaRa but quiet down when them shells hit ya
Bag ya body dump it in the river
And ya family don't even miss ya
Sneak dissing
That's a fucking miscommunication
That'll get yo ass in a violation
I'll annihilate ya
I'm the shit nigga
Turn a situation
To a lituation
Turn a random party to my celebration
Cause of my reputation
Fuck an invitation
Any allegation
Is a validation
To just make niggas start evaporating
We gon heat it up like a fucking kitchen
Click clack and we banana peeling
Push ya scalp back and you won't even feel it
Then flee the scene and hide out in the village
And I promise if I catch a nigga snitching
I just dial up digits he get more than stitches
And the whole village under supervision by the oppositions for some situations
Jeezus Jeezus
I'm the realest of them all
All I ever see is green
Cause all I ever do is ball
Sipping double cups full of lean
Then I cop a pound and smoke it all
Any nigga fucking with my team
Nigga won't live to see tomorrow
And for any nigga that dear to try me
You gon need a body bag and a IV
I got goons behind me
And ya bitch beside me
Giving sloppy toppy in a Maserati
I be fucking bitches like that's a hobby
Got a spanish mami and she call me papi
I'm the realest nigga other niggas copy
And I keep it quiet like that nigga bobby
I be dropping bodies
But don't know karate
But I'll shoot a nigga like I'm paparazzi
Then I ship his body out to Abu Dhabi
Have him looking like he from Nagasaki
Then I park my Audi in a hotel lobby
And I hop out and I count my money
And I promise if a nigga try to stop me
Ima pop a nigga like a fucking molly
And wait I don't fuck with no snakes
Cause a snake nigga is a fake nigga
For a snake we don't got space
If I ever walk into a place
And I see a motherfucking snake
I'll put bullet holes in his face
Tell his mom her son got erased
Then I'm heading straight to the bank
Cause it's back to this paper chase
If my tooly ever get misplaced
I always carry two just in case
I got rounds to last a nigga days
So talk that shit if you wanna little taste
And if a opp pull up on my block
Ima have to let the shit spray
And if a fuck nigga don't know how to act
Ima put his name on a hitta tab
We gon make him it like we playing tag
They gon find out where the fuck he at
And pull up on him with a hockey mask
Put a fuck nigga in a body bag
Pull up on a nigga let the shotty blast
Bring the dead body to his fucking dad
Ask if he mad then I fvcking laugh
I don't give no fucks Ya could kiss my ass
Got Geno whipping white in the lab
Got Sean and Jordan with the fucking gas
If you talking trash & you like to brag
Ya could meet me up on the fvcking ave
Where you meet me is where you get left at
Police to the scene it's a blood bath

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