Jempas - Ransom [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jempas
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Jempas]

I've been in the game for a while now
Produced shit I'm proud of
My flow be the meanest
My lyrics devour

Ouens always be hating
Yeah but I don't even see ‘em
Got my own life to worry bout'
You think that I need em?

Just completed blog 1 of my freshman year
Guess you could say that I'm
Running through this life with no fear

Everything is looking great
I be busy with my studies
Rappers might be jealous
I ain't got no worries

I, run up in the studio tryna perfect my tracks
Ain't got no time to be lying
I'm only stating facts

I'm the son of a soldier
My mom is a cook
But my tracks stay dope
Even without a hook

I'm misunderstood, here's my book
Go on and take a look
My shit be so pure
It's a prayer book

And yal already know the team that I belong to
Just out here repping us
So yal can come and tag along too

If you turn your back on me
You're just another hater
But f*ck that
You'll still come crawling back sooner or later

People constantly keep my name in their mouth
Cause I'm known in every province and not just in the South

I'm the...
Talk of the town, my plan is in full swing
Asking why you should bow down?
I'm a underground king damn

Probably why my relationships are always dried out
I've always been a lil' insecure and full of doubt

Girls always wonder what goes on in this head of mine
I'm busy thinking of how you and I gon' combine
Cross da line, pour out some red wine and
After that have a convo through the telephone line

I know its hard babygirl, I can see your struggle
And the people around you
Only seem to give you trouble

But don't despair, I promise you that I care
And when no one is around
I promise that I'll be there

Now back to me, back to the highest degree
I guarantee to show you something you'd like to see

Shout out to Yakes, that nigga rolled me my first blunt
And yes I'm very hard to find
Treasure hunt

At the moment there's only three things on my mind
That's rapping and playing soccer
And never falling behind (uh)

My focus ain't on b*tches at this point in time
Tryna make myself ten figures
And then they'll truly be mine (whoa)

[Verse 2: Tha Real U]

Killer on beat, killer in streets
I kill whatever it is, with weapons from overseas

Yal know it as Gospel, I know it as truth
Ransomed from sin - look at me
My spirit’s bulletproof

I don’t even need a booth, I’m the proof
That you can reach your aim
When you claim, to attain
A certain level of fame

But I’m Proverbs 27 verse 2
(what?) read it if you wana have a clue
I don’t brag about myself
I let the people bring the praise bru
Sjo, you know how we dooo? (yeah I do)
Shalom Bayiti
That’s Hebrew (salute)

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