Lil joosh - A Short Story [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Lil joosh
Data wydania: 2013-12-03
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: None

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Tekst piosenki

How to rap?
Damn just tell a story
Just don't let it bore me
I don't give a crap
If is over shortly
Or if its about a married man snoring
While his wifes out whoring
With a family he can barely keep supporting
He treats her fairly, but she stopped caring once he started ignoring her courting
Now his best friends scoring, and enjoying her til the morning, in their bed with his camera recording, tomorrow she will be gone without warning
Just a goodbye, no reasons why, he cries
The tears start pouring
All these feeling he's hoarding
He can feel his life shortening
He brings the gun to his head
But the lead never leaves
He takes time and breathes but the trigger he can't start pulling
He's mad not sad
Who's he fooling
He has to live
Give his kid a life an put him through schooling
So he bites the bullet and its grouling
But damn that's sad
Rap something happy
Like a little kid napping
Waiting for his father, to come back from Iraq after scrapping
He awakes in his dads arms laughing
It takes thirty minutes
The alarm goes off and the tears start crashing
Water falls and starts splashing
This is real love no acting
Ten years since the last hug
So nothing can keep this moment from lasting
The kids hopin this is the last time he has to say goodbye, they smile for awhile then cry
This is where the audience starts clapping
But damn its not over
The years fly by an the boy gets older
His parent fight daily
Since the war his dad can't stay sober
His moms keeps getting colder
Why lie he knows she's about to say its over
He wants her to understand but man she keeps giving him the cold shoulder
And she just wants him to hold her
He loves her but he don't know how to show her
So she cheats when she meets his best friend
Its a sin but damn he holds her
He says I love you
And her barely knows her
The boy sees his parents and its scary, if its this hard why marry, u didn't give ur heart ur a heart donner
His mom leaves
In school He's a loner
His father stays drunk
And he's a Stoner
He hurts
So he pops pills
Its works
But it gets worse
He can't function
Without doin that shit first
Well shit works
To him
I love u is just big words
With no meaning
So when his dad rides the Hersh he starts freaking
No love
And love wat he's needing
He finds a gun and off to school he's leading
On foot heart beating
Fast when at last he walks in an starts speaking
His voice so high he's squeaking
Raises the barrel an starts squeezing
Damn its not his fault
He's just a product of his breeding
A lil kid a heart still dreaming
Only wanted a part of Wat his friends parents where keeping
With each shot his hatred is deepening
Then the last bullet, once shot, once gone
Its his head its breaching
People say he's a monster
Truth is he just needed a mother and father
Now I'm done raping
I'm done teaching
Leave son before I start preaching
Maybe Wat that kid wanted its Wat ur seeking
Just keep ur head up and keep believing
Cuz in the future all that matters is the mouths your feeding
Best use ur talents
Or start bleeding

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