P Walsh - Gibberish [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: P Walsh
Album: Walsh
Data wydania: 2014-09-06
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Metal Fingers

Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Klepto Habits]
Yo, Skwheeler and I, this is like One Hit Wonder
We've never rapped before
This is one and only, first takes
We fucking suck

[Verse 1: Skwheelah]
Skwheelah, (Skurt!)
Never the third wheeler (Spare tire)
Call me the Grim Reaper
Cause I make your girl squeal

[Verse 2: Klepto Habits]
Klepto Habits, killing faggots
Fuck your bitch in my rain jacket
Broke as fuck, bottom tax bracket
Toast your homies, yeah they're blackened (Chicken)
Got more hoes than Oreos
You got a runny nose
Need a tissue, bitch you got issues
Going to want a bandaid after my Jiu Jitsu
That's kind of like Karate right guys?
I mean, its just the same thing

[Verse 3: Junebug]
Woo, what up brœ?!
It's J Bug
(Gibberish Freestyle)
Let's go bro
I'm ready
Off the top of the dome, you already know
Yeah, what time is it?
What time is it?
Doesn't matter cause Imma fucking freestyle
Your bitch banged me at work like I'm Eminem in 8 Mile
Spitting straight Gibberish
I don't give a shit
Cause I got straight cash
I'm looking like Johnny Cash
We're about to clash
Snatching all your bitches
Catch them all call
Call me Ash, Ketchum
About to wreck them
Kick your ass out of the field just call me David Backham
I don't know what I'm saying
I'm just going to keep spraying
All these fucking bitches... Ah I'm going to stop...

[Verse 4: Two Line TY]
Two Line TY, terrorizing territory
End your life quicker than Kardashian matrimony

[Verse 5: The Parrott]
Yo, what's up it's The Parrott
I can't rap
Tiger Blood in my veins
Little bit of money in my pocket
Kid from Keller
Money like a teller
Beats flow low like a fucking storm celler
All my bros roll up, sipping from a red cup
Only on this beat because its time for my close up
But I don't rap, just make that good trap
Working on this tape to get my name on the map
Call me The Parrott, hoes on my carrot
Shit so tight it deserves more merit
Hung like salami, bitches up on me
Flow be killing like a fucking tsunami
I made this shit, let the bass hit
Don't need a brain to know its lit
I got that low feel
Waiting for this reveal
P Walsh's raps be cutting like cold steel
I had a good run, but now I'm done
Watch The Parrott go from none to one, bitch

[Verse 6: Shoop]
Yeah, what's up y'all
It's Quinn Shoop
I'm in this bitch
He's making me laugh
Only here as a feature, didn't mean to deceit ya
Hands in your pants like Imma beat ya
Ride along cause Imma leech ya
Girlies show to Patty's crip, got the lamp on
Before sex gotta pull out the tampon
Look for porridge, man the soup gone
Lunch is on me, got the groupon

[Verse 7: P Walsh]
You already know what it is mane
Look, yo, yo
P Walsh, came through, made a mixtape
You made a mistake
Just killed this game
Now they know his name
Let the homies hop on a track
For the laugh, that is that
Skwheelah, Habits, Patrick, Matt it's
Apparent we're your parents
Lorenzo riding in the Benzo
With a few friends yo
The jug is lit
You know what it is
AK that's the dinner bell
Straight from out the wishing well
I don't kiss and tell
Put you in a spell, I'm sick as hell

[Outro: P Walsh]
Yeah bitch, that's it, suck a fat one
Rap, rap bars, straight fire bars
We come through, make the music, then we steal your girlfriend
Yeah, white people
Shout out to all the white people out there
You already know what it is
Shout out to the homies doing tons of crack everyday
Shout out to my mom, I love you
Shout out to my dad too, know you
Wearing those fucking... Those... What does he wear?
Wearing his Strugis Harley Davidson tank top everyday with the flames on it looking sick
You know? In Hell with those Gas Drawls
Shout out to MF DOOM for the beat he probably won't hear this though, whatever
Shout out to Buddha Stoops except for Trippy Trailer Trash
Shout out to Drakepls
Mother Goose
Yeah, that's it
Yeah, you know, AK's going to be a little upset with me saying all of this shit at the end, whatever, I don't give a fuck
Real men eat booty
Uh, yeah, do meth, its really good for you
Yeah, Walsh is it
You know, I came through, made a mixtape, killed the rap game, simple as it is
Shout out to SoundCloud
That's all I have to say today...

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