Pensive - Drive [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Pensive
Album: do da do
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Hook (X2): Pensive]
So many artists are blind like when you lead with no light
For me its easy to find a simple reason to fight
I’ve got these thoughts in my mind i’ve got these dreams in the night
But they dont have the same drive they dont have the same sight

[Verse 1: Pensive]

What I spit is so hot it’ll have you all thinking
My saliva is on fire like what the hell is he drinking
Hand my listeners a shovel cus I want them all to dig this
If being ill is good then im infected with the sickness
I need to rap man, like the day before Christmas
But beats are Christmas presents, I just can't wait to rip this
I dream of hot sixteens like a perverted thirty year old
I try and keep em clean but I prefer a dirtier word
I’m something you rarely see like a murderous nerd
My flows potent, drink it your words’ll get slurred
And its so hot, you touch it you’ll get burned to the third
My words don't defer I prefer to be heard
So I aim for the top, like the perch of a bird
If im not there yet then im hardly deterred
Cus failures never occurred, to me or my partner
When im done i’ll be the one to decide my departure


[Verse 2: Loki]

I got these thoughts inside of my mind
Of not being civilized all the time
Rebelling, because we locked up in these lies
I wanna start yelling, let my timid talk start to rise
Pull out the stops on my thoughts
That compel him, to stop being shy
Hop up and ride, fight for my rights
I would die tonight but I gotta arrive
And leave on this flight, let out the line
Like I was leading a kite, flying high
Wide eyed, see it all from this height
Despite the birds eye, my insight is unmarred
In the evening feeling sprite, unbarred
Alive tonight but the increasing dark
Tries to right out consume me, so to be smart
I spark to life a light a that renews me
So I don't expire with the day
Don't burn out like a fire in the place
Finding that the higher that I stay
I'm miles away from all the violence and the hate


[Verse 3: Pensive]

Put beats between my teeth and im biting all the way down
Making music miracles while im writing on a greyhound
Im driven cus I listen to the boy whose inside
I don’t care where this thing takes me im enjoying the ride
My skills hit with ill wit im sharper than a drill bit
Harder than a steel tip, go farther than a field trip
On real shit going and I know I never will quit
I’m hotter than the fire when you liars get your grills lit
Not trynna make a mill quick, im just making music
This could be a weapon it depends on how you use it
You could hear a threat in every syllable I do spit
Im tighter than a noose get and I will never loose it
But thats just half the picture, I'll write a massive scripture
And preach my teaching have you feeling like the past has hit ya
But still im futuristic, its clear this youths artistic
Painting out my vision using nothing but the true linguistic

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