Pugz - Let 'Em Off [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Pugz
Album: My Death Wish: Strike 1
Data wydania: 2013-07-08
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Chorus: King Lil G]
How The Fuck Are You A Gangsta
If You Never On The Block?
How The Fuck Are You A Gangsta
If You Never Held A Glock
Load Your Guns Up
Let 'Em Off - Let 'Em Off
Load Your Guns Up
Let 'Em Off - Let 'Em Off

[Verse 1: Pugz]
Let Me Tell You Somethin'
Bout The Block That I'm From
Death Will Come Fuck The Cops
Homie I'm Loadin' Up Slugs
Stay On The Watch Cause Its Hot
When You Stuck In The Slums
Body Baggin' Muthafucker
That Be Bumpin' His Gums
Now Tell Me
Who Wants To Get Hectic
Flow & Respect It
What Hood You Got Credit?
Still Steppin' With A Deadly Weapon
Hanging With My Felons
Asking For A Case
Now She's Hanging With The Fellas
Whole Lot Of Haters
But I'm Focused On My Paper
Maybe If You Pay Me
I Will Make You Something Major
Spit Mean 16's
Aim To End Your Career
Turn It Up A Lil Bit
This Is Something To Hear
What You Talkin Bout Homie?
You Ain't Nothin' To Fear
You Fucking With The Business
I'm Just Making It Clear
Glocks Get Popped
Then You Get Stuffed In A Box
Cut From A Different Cloth
Cause Gangsta You Not


[Verse 2: Xklusive]
Man I Put It On The Set That I Rep
My Click Bout It
Its K's Up & Hoes Down
Don't Ever Doubt It
See I Ain't Like These Other Rappers Around
Talking Bout What They Seen
Man They Phonie As Hell
Do Dirt - Get Caught
Then Thrown In A Cell
Having Second Thoughts
So These Cowards Snitching & Tell
How You Claim You A Gangsta?
Never On The Block
Talk About Pretend Glocks
Man You A Wanksta
Shit, X Known To Bring Them Heat Rocks
Blowing On Kush
Getting So High That My Ears Pop
Knowledge From The Streets
Told Me What I'm Suppose To Know
Roll With A Toaster
Nose Long Like Pinocchio
Man These Fools Pushed Me Over The Edge
So Fuck What I Said
I'm Have To Show 'Em Instead
I'm Out For The Bread
Spittin' Flows
Known To Make Your Bitch Jock
Givin' The Dick
She Give You Kiss Like A Bitch Huh?


[Verse 3: King Lil G]
You Went To Jail
For Some Bullshit Case
Came Out Actin' Tough
The Little Homies Had To Regulate
A Bunch Of Tattoos
That Don't Mean shit
A Lil Liquor In Your System
You Go Set Trip
What You Know About Kidnaps?
Money We Get Fast
Killas We Live Fast
Expensive Clothing
Still Down To Peel Caps
I Been Surrounded
By The F.B.I.'s Most Wanted
D.E.A. Kickin' In The Door
5 In The Mornin'
My Bitch Layin' In The Bed
Naked Next To Me
Laser Beams Looking For Methamphetamines
We Rap About It
We Live It All
Sucios Flip Cash
Yeah We Gettin' Broads
Your Ex-Girl, Your New Girl
And Your Baby's Moms
Crazy Thoughts
Crazy Raw
We A Crazy Mob
I Give A Fuck
What These New Rappers Think About Me
I Make Moves
To Have These Old Rappers
Speakin' Bout Me
King Enemy Remember The Name Boy
My Mexican Flag On
I'm Changing The Game Boy

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