Rayzel ft. Analyst, Guilty Smiles & Hizkit - Terror Rising [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Rayzel ft. Analyst, Guilty Smiles & Hizkit
Data wydania: 2012-05-21
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Pro P

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Tekst piosenki

Yo, yo
I'll kill all you rappers

[Verse 1: Analyst]
Yo yo, fuck the monarchy, I'll topple the king
Fly with screaming patients under my hospital wings
It's off with your limbs, you ain't the best man
You're just a prick that's forgotten the ring
Grab mics release my monster within
If beheaded, you'll still get disrespected
In the seconds my brain works when it's disconnected
I stick my fingers in the holes of slit throats
Walk through life with ghosts as my insoles
Right signal, turn pussies when I swerve from sight
Then dive in head first into your bird's vagina
I should ask for help, scared to whack myself
So psycho my brain has padded cells
I play the hand of God in your poker game
Has me most afraid to drown you in a frozen lake
Hearts in the freezer breathe frost with their breath
Hooks like combos beat boxers to death
I bring the sound of hate to the beat
Like babies that scream when they're making a scene
On a different wavelength, each bar is a terrabyte
Think you're bigger than you are, it's that terror rise
Challenge this. You couldn't analyze the Analyst
Even with an analytical analysis
So when I'm dead and buried you know the voice in my tracks

[Verse 2: Rayzel]
Forever we endeavouring and we severe heads of veterans
We're better and I'm betting that we batter and we bury 'em
I'll stick a sword through your fuckin' throat
And send a bloody wrote lovers note
To your fucking mother's home
I rise up like a war of the worlds
When I'm torturin' birds and the chlorium burns
I'll serve this bitch up a portion of sperm
Then make her disappear like a morphium girl
I go to battle with a cannon raised, blast your face
I'm not someone that you really wanna agitate
Shooting you with my gamma rays
Snortin' up a bag o' Yays
Snatch her steak, then I masturbate on your nana's plate
I'm fine being in a 9 to 5, harder than a Tyson fight, I'll survive then down a pint of cyanide
I'm arranging you, fragging you with the claws of sabertooth
I'll look you in the eye just like the pagans do

[Verse 3: Guilty Smiles]
I'm a veteran, respected, your sentiments rejected
If you cross my path, you'll need some medical attention
I spit venom in a sentence, leave you dead within a second
Manslaughter or murder, simply measured with intention
I am better than the best is
I am fed up with the experts
You wanna rap with me? Here's your letter of rejection
I'm perfection, wreckin' it with Analyst and Rayzel
The matter's on the table, these animals'll rape you
I'm the Ice Truck Killer...you wanna play?
I could stab you in your fuckin' face just to pass another day
It's something strange, dressed in a pig suit
In tune with the end of the world that's been nuked

[Verse 4: Hizkit]
Carry actual shrapnel for spare change
I walk diagonal across the map, seeking fair trade
Fallout with the planet, regulating stimpaks
Stand my ground in Tienanmen square - crush the tanks on impact
Summon Leviathan, fire saliva and diaphragm
Eidolon proprietor, man to Minotaur in science labs
I am glad of my brooding C'thulu persona
As I beckon messages from microchips on my shoulder
Human race wages - bets I couldn't afford
Do it in stages - masturbating to buffering porn
Ask me to ascend, I've already done it before
I am the universe, you're just a figure of chalk
Mission aborted, Commissioner Gordon awfully wasted
Nappin' while I'm strangling Wonka with strawberry laces
Last man standing, but orphans awfully persuasive
Channels spirits, the type where a storm is the way in
Creature of the mist, emerge with black soul
Ethereal shaman, rep a get up and cracked bones
Mystic slabs and tones, preach, presence of the Nephilim
Extra-intelligent, Heaven-rejected seraphim
Gateways to realms that you've never been
Reptilian frequencies - devil whispers I'm infected with
Detected as defective and abused in Arcadia
I rise from the dead, reincarnated (Yeah!)
I push the ouji class with an iron hand
Rockin' three-point monocle, operate in the monopoly of land
Ask me where I come from and I'll tell ya Oblivion
I came through to accelerate evolution of simians

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