Redman - A Day of Sooperman Lover [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Redman
Album: Whut? Thee Album
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Erick Sermon, Redman

Tekst piosenki

-Look! Up in the sky!
-It's a bird...
-It's a plane!
-Hee hee hee hee, naw! It's Sooperman Lover, baby!
-Daddy, Daddy! Would you please tell me a story?
-Alright, get over here and sit yo big ass down
Lemme tell you about the Sooperman Lover...

[Redman: Verse 1]
Ayo, I was out to lunch and shit, puffin' on a blunt to get my head ready
Boogie'n to my Walkman with an "S" on my chest
(Bust a move!) Yes I'm a Superhero, don't forget
I smoke mad niggas so to hell with cigarettes
But anyway, let's get back to this skit
You know who the fuck I am, so git off that ol' bull-
Shucks! Lunchtime was up, fuck
Let me jet, Or i'll collect unemployment bucks
On the way back, jack, I spotted this object, a stray cat
Stuck in a tree, with a tag that says that:
"If found, please return to this address"
(How did you see it?) Nigga with my X-ray eye set!
Like "Pchoooooooww", I jetted to the closest phone-booth
Quick flash, I dipped into my Sooperlover suit...

(I can leap tall buildings
In a single bound...)

[Redman: Verse 2]
Boom! Right through the fuckin phone-booth ceiling
(It's a plane!) Nah, Sooperman Lover's the name
I can slam King-Kong and pick up freight trains
On a mission, to save this cat that was wishin'
He was in his litter, watchin' Fritz on channel 6'n
Relaxin, feet cocked-up, just a little
With a cod cocktail and a bowl of tender vittles
I snatched him, took off through the air like a pigeon
Quick so he won't start meowin' and bitchin'
The letter in cat's tag address said the projects
(Elevator's broke!) So I had to take the back steps
(Knock, Knock) The door opened then my eyes swole
From this badass honey sippin' a quart of Old Gold
"Yo, is this your cat?" "Awww, yes! Where'd you find him at?"
"He was stuck in a tree up by uptown Manhattan"
"Well how the hell did you save him? Are you Police/Undercover?"
"Naw baby the "S" on my chest stands for"

Sooperman Lover, yeah
Baby call me the Sooperman Lover, yeah
Something wrong
Something wrong, indeed
Something wrong, yeah, yes indeed...

[Redman: Verse 3]
She was grateful, lookin' for ways to repay me
No money, a donut, and some..uhm coffee maybe?
"Of course, how can I just show that I thank you?"
"Make my donut jelly, and my coffee Sanka"
We sat, unhooked the cape from the back
She felt my arms cause my pythons looked stacked
"Goddamn, Sooperlover! Yo shit looks thick
Tell me, how strong are you with muscles like this?
You bad motherfucker!" (I'm stronger than a locomotive)
I'll keep hittin ya like Rocky
She dashed to the room and came back with the knots
Negligee, high-heeled shoes with a blunt in her mouth
Ready to roll up, hey hold up, she had the dollar fold up
To mix the coke with the smoke yo, she was no joke
She took a sniff, some got on her top lip
That bitch stuck out her tounge and gave her top lip a lick
And said: "Here baby, hit it." "Naw baby, I ain't wit' it
You'd need more than a body to make me wanna sniff that shit!"
But I'll hit the blunt so she took out her fronts
Cracked the philly opened the bag and laid out the skunk
Then I took a long pull it was hype, oughta sight
We ran into the bedroom so I cracked my pants for head room
Later, tossed the covers and, oh brother, I was wit' it
Ready to hit it asked my dick (Yo, wassup gee?) Yo man, shit's thick
Licked her down her belly then kissed her on her back
Stuck my hands between the legs and I felt the bozack
As big as mine (Ewwww!) This bitch must be craze
So I threw my suit on and I was Swayze...
Cause I'm the


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