Salloum - Seen It All [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Salloum
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

I'm living life in a musical world
Spreading love with a musical twirl
Living pure, keeping fresh
Through the message that I stress
Never lose, even when I snooze I never pay regrets
Making stakes snakes try to take off monetary made plates
Used through the use of pearls at parties celebrated A-Grade
Marmalades drawn to monetary dollars
Off creative arts played over air waves
Spent on glossy diamonds cut and laced
Illuminated perfect shining's turned to waste
When it led me blind in what I'd find in my time of prime
Rain or shine, I'd climb in reign even if I wasn't signed
Bets to glance the sky in time to catch a star fly
I was made, second thoughts left to blame
Twinkle followed by a sigh for those to die at a youth age
Dusk to dawn skins burn lungs heave
Blood turns by the beam of the love
From the one to equals all sums
Without an end to his run
Or a birth for a death to come
It's all slaves where sons pave for others may stray
No sons left for those who chose the hard ways
In their tracks sat faces caught
Taught to cock back and let it spray with attack
A type day to make the present blessed
Rather suggest a presidential address

Even when the compo comes through
I look past, place them in my rear-view
Busy mapping routes for success
They see the game
Place the press with hopes for me to digress
What's the key to success I wonder
State of mind visions kings in castles sit and ponder
Sipping wine with concubines to fondle
Thinking memories of greatness
Relaxing in their latter days
Reminiscing how they made it
Thinking ways best for working skills of being blessed
Placing self in position to attain possessions of the chest
Pressing keys to give them plight
Like a pilot cruising overnight flights overseas
Where overseers, haters and digresser's lay in wait
Contemplating ways for slowing those who carry weight
Whether street or lyrical
Visions of their miracles prescribe through and through
The God-given stay blessed
So long as humble thoughts keep in mind
You're guaranteed enabled elevations for sublime
Never worry, yet be wary of the fallings in the rut
Find a route to help you sprout
Move past regrets of your past
Keeping confident and cool, doing you
Let them hunch the sense of the real movement
Felt in hearts within left breasts
I'm talking 'real' worthy of the kneel-for to feel

They never knew of how the G came about
Surviving years of drought
Doubters spoke the foul to funnel me down
But I came up
Lifted above the plugs they tried to dull my senses with
Only made sense for the kid
To persevere beyond the fears fogging up their atmospheres
I couldn't contemplate the ways
They tried to say I would never see the day
Hard to fathom distractions to have you
Pass on dreams to drive you past them
They don't want to see it happen but I made it happen
And now what's happening's but a fraction of my plan to come
I was only half myself half the times
I contemplated stealth for gains of wealth
Inner peace of mind was the balance in time
I learned to balance my dream with my job
Until my dream became my job
All praise due
This is how I do
When thinking how to do
What I gotta do
To make it through

Aiming towards achieving goals
Deemed highest in supreme
Recognizing, relating
Assimilating through applications of supplication
Motivated by drawbacks and obstacles
Causing debacles by sorrow thoughts and broken moral codes
When all hope is exhausted and all have gone home
I find promise in the process beyond feelings forlorn
Sensed by ones to lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel - it's a long road

Thinking I was to blame
For all the hate claimed to my name
Living in my lane
Gains attained with acclaim
Playing this game of life
Moving at a steady pace
Feeling blessed for God's given grace
Talents with a gift magnificent
Fluid like a jewel brewing architect
Creating a masterpiece from ruins
A silky flow ably mobile-moving on the go
Quick to spit the heat to beats
Illustrious at the cost of lacking sleep
But a brother of peace
Charged to speak of ills brought upon by pressures of society
Leading to high anxieties
Breeding notorieties for whom to fall to traps of hierarchy
Unlived but swayed toward knowledge gained
As if I'd played the game and pained
Spirit stained when faced with those who come from what I paint
A beautiful struggle poetic in speech
In seek of freedom through the cash seemingly to bring peace
Same stacks to bling the mink sink you six deep
But their struggle is mine
Each to aim to levels of prime
With fine-wined dines and dimes to meet and greet
The company you keep
Worth more than bushel heaps deemed to bring peace
So I live it to the fullest
Spit to speak the tutelage
Kinged by virtues
Steamed by courage
Serving as the crucible
Omens sowed
Sweared to oath
Raptizing this fast life while I'm practicing fasting with my Ummah

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