Steven Powell - Rap About Rocks [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Steven Powell
Album: PBS Science Genius Rap Contest
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Public Broadcasting Service, NewsHour

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Tekst piosenki

The moment in a soliloquy
As i respond to me
In the si02 mirror
Of quartz you’ll be learning

You can call me the teacher
The story teller
The string
I tie the past to the present through geological means

It started with stars
A burning there workin and getting big
A factory elemental
Someday be trees kings and twigs

Political big wigs
And boats to ride in
All matter was then created
And destined for bangs big

**BLINK*** a flash of light
Potential hope n heat
A waltz hydrogen and helium swaying so magnifique
All the nine planets invited dressed up in stars suites and ties
Too bad in 2006 Pluto had to say bye

But don’t let me get a head
Im trippin up over my toes
Things are getting real heavy 4 .5 billion years ago

There are no creatures or critters
But a primordial ooze
Compelling single celled parties
With prokaryotic groove

And though processes be creepin
Trust me and soon a youll see
Fossil representations
Manifestations of phi

Bada bing fascination
Exploding Cambrian stations
No more O2 rise and fall
Banded iron representations

So as sediments deposited falling down on the ground
With the oldest on the bottom and on top is stuff from now
We geochronology is the story enough
Fossils locked up in sandstone recorded lithified stuff

Now check the structure once bumpin right there up under your toes
You can see makings of mountains from the uplift of the flow
So as tectonic collisions create and make what we see
We know why dinosaur cousins can be see crossing the seas

So as we talk about dinos starting in Triassic time
The origin around million year mark it 245
And if a paleontologist you walk up to and ask
He’ll say “ not counting the birdies the dinosaurs didn’t last”

So now looking in wonder at how how old the earth can be
From a point of no oceans to creatures filling the seas
If you put all of the eras and eons into a year
Only in the last minutes would homo habilis be here

So at the top of stratigraphy and a the top of the shelve
If were still in the year of time with the count down at 12
There’d be prowess and power we’d see humanities might
Homo sapiens kickin and rockin feelin alright

So now you know it you feel it it makes your brain feel great
Its an immaculate feeling doing science all day
There are an infinite number of –a- conundrums to solve
So don’t just sit around brewing get up and solve a them all

Lets go use x ray florescence and tools like XRD
Im up and firein lasers the to answer rock quandaries
This is my playground of science I may be a ripple in the sea
But soon I know we’ll contribute to the knowledge of humanity!!!

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