Sunz of Man - As It Was Written (Chapterz) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Sunz of Man
Album: Nothing New Under the Sun
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: RZA
Tekst: Killah Priest, Hell Razah, Prodigal Sunn, 60 Second Assassin

Tekst piosenki

[Intro: 60 Second Assassin (RZA) {Hell Razah}]
Here in the first chapter
First, first, first, the last, the last, the last
(And It Was Written)
Here in the first chapter {of life, life, life}

[Chorus 2.25X: Hell Razah]
Life tell lies, death in our face
Every other day we killin off our own race
Whether drugs, guns, somethin common known
This is the place that we all call home

[60 Second Assassin]
Here in the first chapter, draws attention
Begins all that we've forgotten, sense of smell, then parallel
Wide scale, Putnam Avenue good stopper
Puttin 'nam on the map A/K/A Putnam Avenue facts
Rugged's incorporated, teflon penetrated
College's still important, that leave ya blood on it
Comin out of meditation, words become radiation
Anticipatin any next motivation, fakin on the federation
Yo, black, who that? Where he at?
Fuck him, I guess I 'ttempt death, settin it off as a black on black
Even SWAT-men don't swindle as ya fire get put out of his kindle
As the day, break ten nights
Even the knowledge better call on ya odds
Scream from ya lungs, "Allah U Akbar!"
Rap Tai Chi Master, chess player 'til I'm plasma
Your thought get broke down ten years from now
Doin a matter like I'm on after this has-been
A rap industry master, 60 Second Assass-sinner
When it get down to it, iiiiit lay down more black men after
Now who? What? Challenger, challenges universal balances of analysis
Another level from bein talented
Travel the world with a gift that shoots like silencers
The fifty-two Glock, Riker's Islander

[RZA (60 Second Assassin)]
Protons-Electrons (silence this)

[Prodigal Sunn]
My occupation on the plantation, survival in the land of psychos
Deluded with men, polluted within, engaged in sin
Sparkin wars against the veteren, the righteous herbal medicine
And antidotes from Bed-Stuy to Park Slow
Strives, I spoke and wrote, made to condense into smoke
Knowledge these author, holdin a black Oscar, inhalin ganja
The here and after, shatterin bones, copin the matter
The seventh chapter, a rapture begins, is a disaster
Demolishin fake advocators, perpetrators
Nigga haters, hydro-chronic blowin out the generator
There's no need so please son don't proceed
To get yourself broke up, flamed like some trees

[Hell Razah]
I could trap all the people who dare try to release ya meat
Or grievin in the force, I sieze
Believin in, by the time, a mystery could fall out the skies
Our necks'll be permanently paralyzed
Foolish enough to camouflage lies
And we dyin in Hell, I arrive half dead
But now ressurected, my head connected
To the correct, directions to Heaven
My mind is projected for miles
But they say our spirit is accepted, to dwell
Inside reality, I take adavantage
Destroy y'all, give brain damage
Returnin heads into an abandoned, buildin
Rich, the innocent, the infants
The rent, come talk to homeless thoughts of an immigrant
To all predators, competitors, united reptiles and etcetera
I be the black threat to America
Disconnectin the microchip in ya mind
Then replace with dispent knowledge, I represent
With intelligence for evidence, I let the skeleton out the closet
The soul keeper, deeper than meditation, feel my concentration
I demolish heads like the board of education

[Killah Priest]
As it is written.. as it is written
My New Year's resolution, I read the whole book of U. Edward B. Newton
The only solution is a revolution, the black evolution
Will happen, one-hundred-twenty-fifth in Manhatten
Strappin, I stop the tappin bein caused by Timberland's
I got the Devil tremblin and rememberin the time
When you had a fiesta, all robbed dead ancestors
I got a full clip for you Uncle Festers
You best to prepare or beware, I'm out to hit up the Red Square
Located where? In Russia, plus ya politicians
And ya Christian society, they unwind me with hate
Now I'm ya enemy because I tell you the truth
Or is it because I got proof from wearin army suits?
Christ is black and I got facts, readin revelations
I got tons of information, that's why I pack more heat than insulation
Twelve lost tribes of a nation just waitin for Satan
To make his move, so I could show and prove
So let me hear the war drums a little louder
Let me hear a chord rush, ya holler
No man knows the hour, nor the time
But surely it's comin as it is written, as it is written
As it is written, as it is written, as it is written..

[Hell Razah]
No man knows the hour, nor the time
No man knows the hour or the time
No man knows the hour or the time
We'll surely be comin, as it is written, as it is written
As it is written

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