Sunz of Man - Bring Back the Mike (Mic's of Insanity) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Sunz of Man
Album: The First Testament, Nothing New Under the Sun
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Y-Kim
Tekst: Killah Priest, Hell Razah, Prodigal Sunn, 60 Second Assassin

Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Killah Priest]
Yeah niggas
Comin straight straight through
Killah Priest
Y-Kim on the tracks
Sunz Of Man, 60 Sec
Prodigal Sunn, Holy Psychiatrist
Zodiac Killah, Hell Razah
(Dreddy Kruger in the house)
Peace to RZA, Population Click
(Shorty Shy) Wu-Tang
We gonna come thru like this

[Verse 1: Killah Priest]
I use my pencil like a ginsu, utensil, chops into the mental
Of the simple, brain with game that's natural
Like actual brains of rice, I leave stains on mic
From darkness I spark then bring back the light
Niggas is sweet like a Mr. Goodbar
I leave ya ass strung out like a fuckin guitar
So bring them hither, with the, could you run
You niggas try to slither when I be the Sun
Lord of your fuckin barricade, stompin ya ass with a
Land through deep and narrow caves
So act up and have ya found laces shook
Ya rhyme took, boy I give you thirsty looks
Like a bear who just been robbed of his cubs is a slaughter
I gone through the water and the mud
The way I slay it, is rather unique
Instead of using TEC-9's, I'd rather use a technique
With direct speed, I make ya suffocate
I send ya upper lake, scarred, scuffed out and scraped

[Break: Killah Priest]
Mic's Of Insanity

[Verse 2: 60 Second Assassin]
Create my flow, 60 Sec now let's move the intro duct, guard ya shit
My maze get under ya skin, beneath ya surface with aim
Hurt his, black, livel actin
The act, the opposite of a fact is a fake
In depth, waitin on is arixec, disease
I tie knots in niggas legs and make knees
John James Brown said "Please, please, take my hand"
Yours flow, your style has now been buried in burns land
With the Arch Angel, Seventh the Land
And a voice from the temple ordered to form the ground
Sand, the Hell, twight pore the bells upon rivers
Problems rebel, now let us reglow, upon the waters
Into they become blood so is blood under the sun?
You better go speak to the nun
Before he become priest through the assassin's elite
Bringing agony and agony to niggas feet
Who swivel what war? Learn to speak
While I get in the circus for hundred and 43 thousand peeps
Like I said my flow goes beyond and under the deep
There's no peace without war
So shall it beat the meat, you obsolete, bringing destruction to his peep
Rollin is the deep in the night, my trife is the Killah Priest
A Prodigal Sunn who sits in the Northwest corner of the right
By dawns early light
You who cover the slummin of the 360 degrees sight
The alleged, who done takin rap beyond the testaments
With this advancemiss
I dial up anyone who second changin this
Style be ransom in this

Mic's Of Insanity

[Verse 3: Prodigal Sunn]
From many centuries and decades
My nations softer then bagion mistreated
Defeated, overpowered by the congregation
Now I face life through mental death
Havin black outs, visions of the Earth before my day of birth
Where demon men from _____
Who had no origin, no understanding onhow the world turn
Many cause to fall victim to reality
They shall die in inequity, they lost for eternity
Throw the boat on that bullshit
Makin a parody, cuz I see through grinches, shatter ya fuckin teeth
Bag and spittin up with ammo, as I get scratcho
Separate Jamal the Chemistry in the Seven Jails
I got the mind of a murderer, bison, held captive
Torn to seven years, buy the addistence
I fear on, to the wicked, but his time is limited
Cut the Angel low and surround down to the innocent
On the face, baggin off forgiveness
The penalty is 11 plagues of diseases and illnesses
I steal vultures on the otto walls, million peace
34 thousands techniques, to devour the beast
Devastated by the ebonimation, give it ridest
But who here wanna get held captivity, shall be diminished

Mic's Of Insanity

[Verse 4: Hell Razah]
You know have the right to remain silent
Cuz all violent nights are deadly nights
Dead murderers stretch the death rate to express stress and hate
Mental activity, the style of potential that's a left
To infinity, and could it be
Will take a team, full of schemin demon
Cuz I transport and stalk inside and murder ya daughter
While ya brain is caught dreamin about it
Big heads, with little brains get damaged
I'm a menace stranded, to my reality is finished
No order without no rights
You can be ordered behind the walls of hell
Or jail, it don't discriminate
Similar to the ones that wanna iminitate raps

Mic's Of Insanity

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