Sunz of Man - Deep in the Water [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Sunz of Man
Album: The First Testament
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Killah Priest]
Destination: ?
Trapped in the dandie's lion with a pit of lions
World crying, inside, what the fuck's goin on with me?
What's goin on? What's goin on?
Ugh! What's goin on? What's goin on?
Yo, yo..

[Killah Priest]
Deep in the Water of life, I would fight
Wearing turbens, purified up in the virgin
Emerging the blood, would flood up the wombs
The eggs hatch, and let loose, a fume
Prophecized just like Jesus, writing Hebrew
On the wall's of my mother's fetus
Then I was swimming in the afterbirth
Each chapter, each verse, got deeper, got worse
The keeper, of laws, my brain, what saw
The seeker, of tablets, preachers, would ban it
The force, brought forth, the holiest, controlliest
Slowly, takin me, into, the mental, orgasm
Was 'jaculating, stimulating, relating to life
Incubating, rotating around light beams
Like creams, I was formed in the white dream
Redeemed, like powder, outta, my maker
Enter, nature, returned, the vapor
Killah Priest, born in the pillar of yeast
Lost in the miscarriage, the automatic of marriage
Pow! Once ya live, ya die
Ohh.. what is it? Is it a mystery?
Did they mention me in history?

*screams & deep inhaling*

[Hell Razah]
I was born alone, begun from blood, skin and bones
To the mind, body, soul hunter, creating poems
For immature brain cells, trapped in confusion, I ruin your mental
I sent that ass to Hell and tell the devil that I sent you
I react like a reflex, protected by God
Bringin life to the brain-dead, diggin deeper than the graveyard
The stick that you walk with, I broke a long time ago
There's nowhere to hide when I stalk like a shadow
Everyday somebody dies, somebody else is born
A chain reaction, life's a cycle like plastic
I practice, ghetto bastards I'm givin caskets
Innocent, murderous is what you don't expect
While secret Satan agents be livin off your death
I'm already a waitin victim to an unknown death trap
Hell is gettin hot, is it too late for me to sweat that?
The killah team, guillotine get chopped where your heads at
In order to get revenge ya got to pass my dead end
I use your best friend to set ya up for me to win
To put the blood inside my pen to write my next sin
Then again, the beast from within, it just possessed
It leads me to kill, then I'm left with your bloody mess
I seem insane, since semen my brain been gained
Like Monopoly, but there's no way of stoppin me

*sounds of struggling/moaning*

I die slow, struggled in the wounds of evil
My technicality wins a race based on reality
Everyday is still a revolutionary thrill
The war's in the streets, bodies floatin down the bloody river
Terror, livin in this present day and era
Caged in the belly of the beast, thoughts of a killah
The duty of a wise man, prophecized, civilize the savage
Yeast, I generate heat from the East
Repells revelation, livin in revelation
The Sunz of Jacob shall fill the power of the nation
Created, situated, on physical plains, originated
From drops of sperm, the black germ
I come with the scientifical techniques and masses
The methods of madness, psycho wrath of gases
Burnin through flesh, deteariatin brain cells
Waves radiate as I escape the channel of Hell
The arsenal, one Prodigal, Sun of Man
Stalks the fuckin land with evil, various plots and plans
The wicked lashes shall buries us inside time and matter
I write chapters through the raptures of disaster

*screams of pain & laughter*

[Shabazz the Disciple]
Trapped in a long dark tube, fightin for exsistence
Absorbin stressful germs as I travel the distance
Eternally locked in a cell in the form of sperm
Doing life, mental strife, evil semenal germ
Swimmin through revengeful cycles, accumlatin arches
Killin of the sperm cells, illuminatin darkness
Stranglin 'em with my tail, absorbin life from semen
When I was born I came out screamin and blasphemin *laughs*
Cryin in blood, spittin at the figure of Christ on the holy ?
See, since the sonogram I was diagnosed to be cursed
Doctors administered stress, I'd be born in the church
But they sold the womb closed of unholy bitches
A burst up, reversed and blast through the stitches
Ahh! Hell at last, my first breath that I cursed
They performed the ritual, took me home in a hurse
But in the womb I metamorphesized, my birth and death was already prophecized
Instead of a crib I slept in a casket
Sacrificed the first born but Christ denied this evil bastard
For all of those who don't understand what I'm talkin about
You're trapped in my helium of evil thought, figure your way out
Or be comdemned to eternal livin death..

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