Sunz of Man - Lulla Bye (Evil Lulla Byez) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Sunz of Man
Album: The First Testament
Gatunek: Rap
Tekst: Killah Priest, Hell Razah, Prodigal Sunn

Tekst piosenki

[Chorus: Hell Razah]
I stalk in the land where the world's gonna end
Life is a game that the blacks never win
You can't look back, when the devils on attack
Or be the next victim inside this deathtrap

[Hell Razah]
When I stalk, I take a deep breath of death
In the atmosphere, then I prepare to meet my enemy
I leave ya lost inside a mental maze
Like bad memory plus a overdose of amnesia
Equals brain seisures
With no warning, too prejudice
Critics who don't pee wee judgin us had gimmicks
Why die think they rappers
Cuz they study the dictionaries
Is life is a cycle from ya birthday to the cemeteries?
My third eye, describe the fantasy world alive
I eat food for thought, on Thanksgiving
Instead of celebrating, the killin of the Indians
My brain potential turn me into a mental maniac
You think ya zaniac, when I'm outsane
Creating more mysterious, curious shit than a Dr. Strange
Had a full capacity fillin ya open dome like a cavity
Too many tragedies, caused by demons that lack on strategy
My intellectual concepts is logic, ya disect, blood spill, white spill
Study it for my test, a life of death escapes
Burn like the equator to eliminate ya face
The doors of hell is closin by minute we deathtrapped in it
I'm searchin for the beginning, but the end, they let me win it
I'm alergic to murder futures, in the price time the evidence is mine
Think beyond, right now, I can hear souls of the innocent
Crying in pain, every year, only we had no real ears
To hear the fear
The ritual wounds, I glide, cuz the dark days will raid skies
And it will rain pain on the insane devils in the sky
When under pressure, ya can't stand still on ya own flatline
With ya part time, wack ass rhymes


[Zodiac Killah]
Here's another lesson, parental discreation is advised
My rhymes open eyes and lies in my hands
Who is the man with the power
Brainwash and met don't wanna step in the shower
The rain, the acid rain from the brainstorm ya get named dame
Yo its just another strangle goes a bang into a mental
When I was a young lad, they said I had potential
I udalized the fight, Deadly Venoms as a weapon
Sudden death, when destruct, with the lethal ejection
Danger, don't talk to strangers, I hang ya
In the torture chamber, brother release the hanger
The beat, join the ranks of the deceised
When ya rest in piece or better yet pain
Cuz my name lock in ya brain just like aroma
Thoughts swell inside of ya mind like a tumor
In this rap field you couldn't match me kid
I begged ya when the seventh sense said I was electric, kid
That word is bond, I rock from the dusk till dawn
Thru the day to night, from the dark to the light
The way that I rock is catastrophic
It's sick, psychotic, nerves I got it
Paragraphs, are toxic
Give you a sign if you don't know the time
Grab the Glock to ya face as I waste ya mind


[Prodigal Sunn]
Our father who art in hell
Out to make ya suffer, pray to maintain under pressure
Mentally I'm out of the anger
All my physical state dwells to hate, my obligation is bleep the fate
Of the mind of the wicked
Livin in fantasies, caught up in fantasies, spray ya
Calamities and tragedies
Be who who hate it, like ?? my recalation
Against the man who cancels of recooperation
Mass the game as I torture
Talk to ya brain on the remains of blood veins above they kanes
Be my, toss and typo, like a loss of a cycle
This is a hell, see thru the house above the cypher
The ghettos and the projects massive within
In the jungle with sin, the drama never end


[Killah Priest]
Killah Priest, Iron Sheik from the Middle East
Raps cause torment lay dorment in the East
Pick it up slow, say whats sup
For Da Last Future, Hell Razah
Holy Psychaitrist, Prodigal Sunn
Population Click, Wu-Tang, Gravediggaz

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