The Almighty SORS - 55 [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: The Almighty SORS
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Lord Smidrin]

Flow conceived through a mutated disease
Say you the best I disagree
I eliminate elite leagues no matter pedigree
Murdered the seven seas in lightspeed told the comp god speed
I'm from Harlem gzz
Home of crooked p.i s
Politicians corrupting minds
Submininial signs and staged crimes
As for the state of rap
Its wack
Plagiarized rhymes
Swag jackin on the rise
They on the wave but ima make drown in this tsunami tide
Damn skippy I write my symphonies in calligraphy
I like kicks like my puss.. Pink box... Tiffany's
Write ill envied by Shakespeare and Da Vinci
They microwave rap man they shit cook instantly
This ancient technique passed down from a different century
Maybe from the past life of me
Before b.c
Lord of insanity
The gods banned me
It's the art of war you know who's commanding

[Verse 2: Rell Marlee]

They done woke a three headed monster
Attention all impostors leave the booth or get slaughtered
Death ordered mi amigos go stupid
Ruthless in zoos
With a wicked crew who rip through you like a plate of food
Im starving Im starving hoping our carvings get honored
Sculptures of Jordan in his prime
Damn our rhymes seem to conquer everything in site
Rewrite your rhymes you gon need good lyrics b
These similes like snow in ya nose we trippy see
No sympathy fuck Uncle Sam he never gave a damn or a hand
Commands since my sandbox days stay ablaze with an acid taste
Get out my face
I ain't never been a trouble maker but you can meet your maker
Gold watch purple kush Im a laker guns go rata tat tat to the mayor
Fuck it no regrets he never showed us respect
Its politics as usual d'evils seem to take effect
Nevertheless us rebels press
Try to stop us we smacking pest
Aiming for the top while haters regress
Resurrect real hip hop ain't it fresh?

[Verse 3: ProtoJay]

Intergalactic I enter the galactic as a scholastic
Fantastic rhymes to live the dreams of living lavish
Elastic with the imagination of Abraham
Killing all you blood suckers and bless the damn
I'm too raw like iron heart denim smoother then blues and rhythm
Stuck up bitches from before now want me to bend them and these funny niggas got their hands out 52 bones
I swipe em down like scrolling up on a smart phone
And causing trauma to the medulla oblangata
Sleeping on me in your pajamas is like papa and mama disregarding your bedtime stories
Nightmares your cinerama waking up tired like Yokohama stressing out 'til mañana
Intoxicating as if im beer from bavaria
One day my people will come together and cause hysteria
No surprise if they bring that mustard gas in them harriers
Halloween everyday being black is getting scarier
But until its wartime im doin what I gotta do
Kurt angle neck breaker wit these kicks oh its true its true
Got the world in my palms galaxy's is on the feet
Bringin out them deadstocks pet cemetery heat
Im the boulder that got these bandicoots running flame spitter like thumper thumping onion puffing and prima donna humping
Ya making all that noise until I avalanche
Bury rants of no you cants a force not controlled by the executive branch

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