The Almighty SORS - Hip Hop [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: The Almighty SORS
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Lord Smidrin]

Suffer from multi personality
Spilt with supernatural capacity
From the core of catastrophe
Where cops put on Yankee gear when they dress casually
Take paid leave amongst casualties
Grimy 90s baby elite
No voice for my generation so I figured I'll speak
Wasn't dyslectic, was disrespected by the shit that they teach
They said the black race was backspace, that's why they press delete
Since Reagan we've been living off keys
Let that thought rub in like AD
I learned a lot from JD
Money don't mean a damn thing
Gheppeto controlled my ghetto till I cut the damn the strings

[Hook: Lord Smidrin]

I ain't do it hoping my shit pop
I ain't do it just to get guap
I ain't do it for spins from disk jocks
I did it just for hip hop

[Verse 2: Rell Marlee]

Who is he Marlee demolish any beat
Polished flow stepping on foes in a pair of sb's
Arrested me cause Im using my free speech
My rebel scum creed be the reason I breathe
Bitches with tatted sleeves rolling up leaves
Cocaine on the table vials all got different labels
Mind unstable from the sour oooh its nothing louder
These rappers cowards Chihuahua's
Divine knowledge catastrophic power
Was once lost until I found the booth
Now the mic is in cahoots with my rhymes conspire how to rule
Retire dude Almighty SORS time is due
We coming feet first hip hop's rebirth
Reverse the curse my people are burdened by
My urban pride be the reason I cyph these lines
They mesmerized
Make sure its televised Scumlins exemplified
Reinforced forcing hands they want us crucified

[Hook: Rell Marlee]

[Verse 3: ProtoJay]

Trapped in an era full if terror
Where we have people controlling the weather
And rappers thinking they better than lyricist who vomit words more clever
Time to heat em up like thermal sweaters and leathers put together
Corrupted minds brain washing accurately
Rapidly infecting ears sounds sweeter than daiquiris
Talking bout nasty hoes clothes and what you make a show
Try talking bout how you kept warm in a world so cold
Cause for sure everyone is an acorn before a tree
Growing with experience and teaching those who are in need
Of guidance like the young generation who kills to breath
Sadly some of them can't stop having their bed soak up pee
Niggas is backwards like Supreme x CDG
Apparently its typical like tights,uggs and louis v
Replicas of nas,jay and em cannot be created
But as long as we here their hard work won't be evaporated

[Hook: ProtoJay]

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