The Almighty SORS - Nightmare [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: The Almighty SORS
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Pennywise]
Im any nightmare you've ever had
I am your worse dream come true!
I'm everything you ever were afraid of!


You say you grinding nigga? [Lord Smidrin]
Well then I'm grinding harder thinking smarter moving farther give a hater dreams of horror [ProtoJay]
I'm what a nightmare is made of you better wake up x2 [Rell Marlee]


[Verse 1: ProtoJay]

Understand I am the man the one to overcome the man
I spit to earn these grands in the booth I go green eggs and ham
Searching for a caucassian or asian who don't like to tan
To suck a dick and cup my balls get her pitchin' underhand
Come up out them nudies now she nudie bout to show her coochie
Turn around show me how them dimples look above your booty
Partying with cocaine chalk zone Rudy Tabooty
Italian jewlery on me guess i am a flashy Muly
Rebel shit KO 5-O they gotta go Geronimo
High oh no if im solo wit a .44 buck em then get low low
Cause if they gotta quota they will plant you with them rocks
I ain't running like snot im throwing flames at em like Sagat
Slated to bee terminated by agents and perforated
If we making all these true statements and show the country naked
I.n.t.e.l.l.i.g.e.n.t I am homie
You ain't s.h.i.t
Flush em with many abilities


[Verse 2: Lord Smidrin]

2 eyes closed when I sleep, but my third eye open , demented devotion
The pyramid eye is me, I spilt dark and light like water with Moses
Law opposin
Possessed with psychotic emotion
You ain't down to revolt , that's something I can't condone with
You can't clone this wordsmith
That's like me not being on my grind with the soul of bob burnquist
Action affirmative
You have no idea what disturbed is
Well I'll confirm it
It was my flow a year ago now look how I reformed it
Metamorph to Horus
Anubis on chorus
Only gift I'm offering
A shark with the brain of dolphin
An immortal in mortal combat my victories is flawless
When ya bars is like a laxative these beats like a toilet
The booth is my tissue
They mcs superficial I'm super official
An example of what hard work can get you
It was drawn in the cards I didn't pick you
Don't sleep, I'm in your nightmares and I'm out to get you
The walls are closing in how does it feel to be in the middle?


[Verse 3: Rell Marlee]

All praise the Godly ones embody scum
Im Socrates and X in one
You not in my league just tweaking son
Philosophize with BIG and Pun
Notorious for spitting skunk
Sb's like Gretzky off the ice jesus christ don't test me
I run with a group of peers who loot lucifer
Loose cannons and damaging they cover their ears
Thats the sound of war prepare for the revolutionary scriptures we bear
You standing looking scared ain't you mad that the government don't even care?
I guess you content with things never mind the beams ain't your dreams
We steaming scheming sour diesel reeking
With the easel creeping
Metaphoric legions lead leagues for treason til they stop policing
My people grieving most of em sleeping
Locked up no reason my third eye open
Use to be swollen shut 'til I started toking
Now their lies I throw back like subway tokens
See through your disguise Im locked and loaded
Almighty SORS we here for war
No horor core fuck you and yours
Us rebel scum we far from done
Straight from the slums Elm Street the one


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