The Almighty SORS - Sessions [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: The Almighty SORS
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Coo Weight]

I could sound like Wiz I could sound like Cudi
I could sound like Drake I could sound like money
I been doing this shit now for way too long
Motherfucker ever ask why ain't you on?
Well that's my life I hear that though
Play a couple tracks niggas hear that though
Smoke a lot of weed pour a couple drinks up
Keep it real light its whatever you can think up
Send the chain letters out everybody link up
Everybody link up
Pens and pads drinks in glass
Weed and hash is that flashy pass
If I unmask the mass for that asthma
THC for that plasma
Jellybeans for the Scattergories
Different category get the allegory
Said I need another one shorty pour it for me
Make it happen fast before it all gets boring
Eat a couple Z's I ain't talking snoring
I ain't talking snoring
I'm far out
Hardly ever rap but Im bar'd out
Choice in my chest with the SORS
We are all the chatter and the black matter

[Verse 2: Rell Marlee]

I may sound old school but I sound like the next
Generation of lyricist that command your respect
Rebel soldiers that are colder than an eskimo's neck
Check the method we reckless like adolescents gripping techs
We the best
No Khaled just kindly fall back and savor rap at its finest
Timeless music for the soul feed your mind with a flow
That Biggie Smalls would smile for you know?
My creed scum and we swing like Apollo
One hit feel like it came from a Tahoe
Speeding down the highway with a bunch of high hoes
Why the 'Mighty SORS sick shit only god knows
God Flow
But I ain't 'Ye I burn trees everyday
An arsonist for ganja bitch
I toke a jay then proceed to float away
Clear my mind of the haters who be tryna' throw mad dirt a brother way

[Verse 3: ProtoJay]

I can sound like Nas I can sound like X
Tryna' be on the radio getting funk flex bombs
But that means I gotta change what I feel lyrically
Yea they cheering for him but am I really feeling me
Tours from DR to Italy
Sipping champaign with a broad from sicily
Living good but my soul id knocking on my chest
Cavity oh so lividly
What the fuck, is it worth it
Meaning pride for the fame get a bigger name just to go insane
Nose full of cane do a buck in the fast lane
Praying for no pain really mane?
I dont think so shao khan wen its combat
Flyer than a lu kang bicycle kick
Time on the wrist running like usain bolt
Too quick rap game needs an olympic

[Verse 4: Lord Smidrin]

I can sound like big l
I can sound like luda
Unmasked shooter of corrupt politic rulers
8th of boomers
Smoke fusha
I'm ny like 60 by carton and boomer
Since I got mom womb they put me in a tomb but
I ain't dead yet
My weed match the costume of Bret
Like lebron I've done took too many steps
My ho's like Spanish hair
Wild and wet
Ass phat in that super dry
Supa fly
Holy cross blunt lets get crucified
Music ain't been the same since Michael died
Rap ain't been the same since big l died
A few tried to keep it alive
No mean to boast but the true savior is I
Title match smidrin vs the pyramid eye
The winner is the last man standing alive

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