The Dynospectrum - Permanent On Surfaces [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: The Dynospectrum
Album: The Dynospectrum
Data wydania: 1998-01-01
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Ant

Tekst piosenki

[Verse One: Mr. Gene Poole]
Mr. Poole is cool as he floats on lyrical concertos
So hip that his style slicks back like Roberto
Carefully, he fully assesses with thought process
How many MC's in a sense be on some nonsense?
Like Phil Collins
We live in a land of confusion
And pollution, only solution alien intrusion
When something good happens, it's an allusion
Temporarily everybody in the hood's rapping so you feel like losing
And it's scary
But if you're very faithful
You'll wait for the right time to recite rhymes
To your people, in your lifetime
To be stable
You have to put everything on the table
I'll tell you the fable of a man who lost all his staples
One day he got a letter from the label
Now off the street, shit is sweet potato
Getting comfy with the cable
Being able to spend more cash, kicking it with friends more
Driving fast just to crash, what the fuck you got a Benz for?
Your material objects with serial numbers
Bring serious theatrics and dramatics like the Penumbra
I bring the lightning
Let the rest of the Spectrum bring the thunder
Brain storm is not warm you've been warned, now burn like lumber

[Hook] {x2}
Where ever it be, trouble can strike
And it be right in your face when we's about to grab the mic
What is life?
I do this every day, and every night
Murdering kids who wanna step on the surfaces

[Verse Two: Slug]
Oh, I'll break it down
The ingredients of this recipe
It's two cups of "step the fuck back"
And a teaspoon of "don't mess with me"
Unless you be like three times the MC that you assume you is
Best believe that doom exist
Testing us is tumorous
Who enlisted?
Who pledged allegiance?
Who went the distance and fucked up your sequence?
What's your achievements?
Everywhere I glance
These kids will drop their pants for an advance
Cause this bitch has cramps
Now run and tell your camp we're coming and we're permanent
Circumference disturbing with verbal turbulence
Stand still, like time stood still
When I entered your sector
And took place at the base of your foothill
It took skill to plant it into your hair
Now we're everywhere
Spectrum comes off every night like evening wear
I watch with amazement
And a small dose of sarcasm
And the MC's in the basement
Embracing the bar smashing
It's more than just the 20 measures stabbing
Making rappers mad, call them classic jabs
And what the masses have?
Ask your dad
It's about the land that you stand
I'm here baby
I think it's time you give a damn


[Verse 3: Beyond]
Who in your crew can name this approach I vanquish?
I daze and flame in your ways, the show amazement
Raise the occasion, the vibration make you hemorrhage
Because contingence is headed for your lineage
In the fibs, we did it locally
Now we 'bout to move it openly
Internationally, make it cold, believe
Don't joke with me, cause see I'm not much for laughs
If you come to grab, my intention is to bust that ass
So teach these half-breed MCs to know about monogamy
Married to hip-hop but fucking R&B
Just a novelty, a slim chance like the lottery
You slaughter me, I know your plans in geography
I rolled up and snapped like a bandanna
Niggas is pan-handlin' tryin' to play the role of Santa
I flow like a manta ray, suckas better keep it stationary
Cause switchin' from spot to spot you get popped
I keep it interactive, in the center of the mind
Where you lacking, you talking all that wack shit
I got you on a leash like a mastiff
And your bitch in the back, in the back, giving ass, bee-etch

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