The Dynospectrum - Appearing Live [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: The Dynospectrum
Album: The Dynospectrum
Data wydania: 1998-03-03
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Solomon Grundy

Tekst piosenki

Introducing, Gene Poole, Sept Seven, Pat Juba, & General Woundwart
Here on stage tonight, in the spotlight
For your fuckin' crew and your bitch too
So rock this shit

[Verse 1: Gene Poole]
Just cause you put weed on a stick does that mean it's tight
When you stand on the edge of the stage does that make you fly?
Stars in the sky are only reflection's awesome source
And I am an MC from the Hip Hop protection force
Independently endorsed the cause
When I'm through busting these verses your hole will be my personal hostess
First and foremost, I could give a fuck where your coast is
I'm different than niggas in my district under hypnosis
What my crew composes is not made for poseurs
It's too dangerous for those who's cornier than they toes is
I rub noses in styles that get nastier
Than four piles of shit on your bathroom floor with blood on the door
I got more than fat tunes I read plots for the afternoon
Which lasts through the evening or until your ass is leavin'
Gosh believe eyes they don't deceive you
When you see me on stage MC'in' you in the moshpit bleedin'
I spend half o' my time readin' rhymes feedin' my mind
The other half is spent writin' so I'm constantly recitin'
Like blind twisted and sprite, I fix your lemon of a melon
Be cool, I don't want to become a three times seven

[Hook] [x4]
Appearing live on the set, right in front of you
Secure your mind, Dynospec, that's how we come to you

[Verse 2: Sept Seven]
Effects box tweaks when it hits the tones get next
Physical matter of speak, officially known as Sept
Stomp through the land of the bleak where my opponents rest
All seven days they come weak kickin' that bogus text
No longer content, we're just be headin' to monsters
Now I'm intent on lettin' 'em see where their flaws are
Acknowledge the scent, taste what fate has to offer
Make 'em repent, and then damage their posture
Policin' ain't easy, but it needs to be done
The policy is simply to submit or be shunned
Follow me to the surface, the Spec fills the lungs
Colony is established, your descent has begun
Now piece this together and label this the error
Sep Sev Seven Two, that's MC code for terror
Mariniatin' never celebratin' the weather
Breakin' measures as they come cause the drums in my head thump forever
The fraudulent fall to dismemberment in September
Clever sentiments, camoflauge, hidden agenda
Uncloud the vision and unclog the hearing
The poster says it perfect, Dynospectrum now appearing

[Hook] [x4]

[Verse 3: Pat Juba]
I take focus on the energy and the action of your soul
Danger zone, far beyond control, polar cap, cold solar facts fall
Deep into my zone for soul savior, knowledge is flavor
The ex-slave reach a delivery, infinite memory
Released styles I possess fresh from birth beyond puberty, forced liberty
Got me in the center thinkin' raw flamboyant
Extravagant bombs be detonatin' while destroyin'
Hit you in the side of your mind, sight for blind
Thinkin' in my mind 'till it's time to get mine
Generatin' loot, damagin' bank with street flank
Conquerin' Europe like cannibal elephant tanks I think
I think, like Tutankhamen, well I'll be sunnin'
At pitch black dark, my queen's asleep, I'll still be rhyming
Radical atoms is what I split, it do because I'm equipped
Beyond the state of rip your gullet's split
Direct impact, like pedestrian collision literal
Rugged like ACG, not immaterial, in the stereo
West coast with west imperial, check yourself
You don't hear me though, niggas fear me though

[Hook] [x4]

[Verse 4: General Woundwart]
If you wanna save your life hit the emergency exits
Cause the General's got the front doors covered and intercepted
Windows are blocked off, the cock's off, suck 'em suckas
You can mind to do under, but can never be the instructor
Control musical motion like Beethoven
I leave your whole metropolitan in the need for remodelin'
I'm sly like a moccasin, abolishin' any MC
Japanese to Somalian if you rivalin'
The land where my cottages and villages can be seen
The sun beams off my rim de-clench me
You try your hardest to convince me that you're worthy of an MC
But all you seem to do when you rhyme is just offend me
The flimsy spines, let them be held in confinement
Them sucks couldn't bust if they stuck a needle to hymen
They rhymin' calculator, ready to fell fakers
And the respiratory system, his shit's a story, don't listen
Just an organ with skins, twenty men with dividends
The only difference that it is, that he does it with synonyms
It's just the livin' in this world that we gotta do our time on
So you can get your crime on, but I'm gon' keep the mind strong

Thank you thank you thank you, get the fuck out! get the fuck out!
That's right, niggas is tight, I should've known, that's exactly it

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