The Underachievers - Moon Shot [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: The Underachievers
Album: Evermore: The Art of Duality
Data wydania: 2015-09-25
Gatunek: Rap, East Coast

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Issa Gold]
Delivered the messages like a phone that rang
These niggas call me the Leopard Shepherd the young Wu Tang
Now, let's get lit! Smoking proper when I come to light the shit
And then you're pissed, cause I got like 80 niggas on my list
And we smokin' out the back my weed smoke louder than a bitch
That fucking bass is super dumping even louder when you trip
Issa I live in, my team G inside sippin'
Catch me too high chillin, you know my team top billin'

[Verse 2: AK]
(I) Know you wonder how AK ain't sergeant to the game
Know our target know my lane
Go the hardest, spit the flames
Know we move out to the west, but it's forever Beast Coast Gang
Left side is just where I hang, also where I blow the stain
And I wake up everyday from porcelain pain
Still stuck in the shame, nigga what’s the delay points to be made gold rush to the k keep in touch with the fake don’t show out for the snakes puffing a j every blunt high grade give a fuck what they say fingers up to the J can’t trust every face leave one in ya brain you can front for the fame but I know where you came

[Verse 3: Issa]
(I be)
[?] ‘em in the cockpit
Steady switchin topics
You can’t buy my shit my nigga no [?] about it
Bitch ass nigga
Can't fuck with who I win when
We at the smokeout with it
We high but plot out business

[Verse 4: AK]
I know you see I killin'
Top notch of the crop then, healin'
Hop-hop with the broads you been tillin'
Y'all dogs dont talk like dolittle
My sharks all sharp like some pencils
Try to live in the heart knock the mental
Light shine through the dark, this that simple
No time for remarks, I dismiss you
Get on my level

I ain’t frontin when I tell you all these niggas fuckin lame
Go an' cop they latest album
All they shit soundin the same
If I ever fuckin sell out nigga
You can shoot me dead
Silly nigga came and nagged me for a feature
This what I said

I can’t bang with no fuckin lame niggas
Whatchu' claimin'
My lane big up through the pain
Winners rep my gang
Don’t drink the same elixirs
Don’t fuck the same bitches
I’m just sayin'
Johnny Damon
I’m at the plate with it
I ain’t playin

[Verse 5: Issa]
I wake up in the morning thank the lord and go and get it
I ain’t fucking with you niggas who just talking but don’t live it
I don’t start unless I finish I don’t talk to no beginners
Worried about another nigga while he out here fuckin gettin' it
You must be out your fucking mind, nigga
I’d rather die than spent my time watching another nigga grind
Don’t waste my time
All my niggas fine relax we hit recline
We live divine
Get yo piece of pie we eatin every fuckin thing inside

[Verse 6: AK]
Light my spliff take flight
Don’t waste sight on a next kid life
Cause at same time could be out gettin mine
On the route to the shine cuz' you can’t live twice
Don’t take part on the shit for the hype
Had to play my cards by the dark of the light
Made the right choice for the pain in the ice
And I came back strong Bruce Wayne in the night
Ugh, you can’t steal my shine my aura super-stupid you decline
Makeshifts all the time I’m self employed homeboy come get a job
Shoutout to the grind up every night chase in his eyes
Seek advice then look inside
Soon you’ll rise and meet your prize


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