The Underachievers - Rain Dance (Phase 1 Intro) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: The Underachievers
Album: Evermore: The Art of Duality
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: AK]
Flash back seen no future in my past acts
Back strap fit me looser, had no pack packed
Bad stats at my school, mom and dad spazzed
So what's a youngin' to do when cops flash badge
I mean I always had a knack for rap
Illmatic, Ready to Die, et cetera tracks
Feel trapped, put on a track, you're feeling relaxed
I just wanna do the same shit with my craft

[Verse 2: Issa Gold]
Through my raps, niggas thought we born winning
When I was raised up in a graveyard for dreamin'
My hood talk street business, ain't no physics
Do drugs, bust guns and bring killings
Tool tucked, give a nigga that cold feeling
School sucked, most days was gon' miss it
Screwed up, too fucked to stay with it
Fool's luck, how I ain't end up finished

[Verse 3: AK]
With age I learned facts, like everything got a catch
Especially when you're black, young with the world on your back
Dreams of a hooper diluted, clouded by smoke on the track
Got it by Lucifer, Lucy's grip on my thoughts on the loose leaf
I do my drugs with the goonies, yell at a coffin will suit me
Now or later meet the maker, if that karma pursue me
Went to church, just to search, no reality found
Growth spurt in my spirit, holy watered us all down

[Verse 4: Issa Gold]
Down in the gutter, straight guns and butter
Good mother tried to save me and my brother
Hood won us, had plans to take us under
Street lovers, can't take the hood from us
You see? That's what made a nigga me
Part is in the heavens, but part in these streets
Part a living legend, but part is still weak
Though I know knowledge is part what I seek

[Verse 5: AK]
Hennesy sipping, cripping since I was a teen
Nigga still a street hitter, psychedelics had me see bigger
Remember me mister, wanna make it past next semester
Try to test us, but it's straight A's in my life lessons
Life threatened living in the hood, cause the odds against us
Had to get up every single morning, hear my father's lectures
Mom pressure kept a strong home for us under vision
Too pretentious, still I felt alone, no one I could vent to

[Verse 6: Issa Gold]
No leaving, pleasure seeking, I needed
Drug feeling, Love fiending, dark season
Blow teaching from my peers was my reason
Til I learned my heart was all I needed
Around some friends that's up, could not tell
Now I found myself, but I'm still needing help
Now I swim to deep end, like Michael Phelps
From the sea, the sun raise out 'til I melt

[Verse 7: AK]
Puffing on that Jane in the staircase
Never was at home, always had my momma scared straight
Selling all my clothes, just so I could buy some red bape
Had to hold my own, cop O's and used to sell eighths
Felt like I was chose, don't know if I was too baked
But I know my soul was born to do some cool thangs
Stay up on my toes until that fat fool sang
Had to chase my goals in hopes to see a new day, Lord

[Verse 8: Issa Gold]
A young man dealing with old depression
Drugs inside of my system, was looking for intervention
Love inside of my spirit was buried, LS some treasure
Pieced together some lessons that helped me sharpen my weapons
Uh, my mind sharp, divine thoughts, I blast off
Beyond stars it's so lost that God fall
Was reborn with wings, but also two horns
The two side duality made a new form

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