The Underachievers - Unconscious Monster (Evermore Outro) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: The Underachievers
Album: Evermore: The Art of Duality
Data wydania: 2015-09-25
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Issa Gold]
I done came far
Still got a lot further to go
Try'na leave a mark
By giving everything that I know
I'm gonna be a star
Up in a space
And out of this world
Learned to play my part
By giving music all to myself
I'm responsible for a lot of you
Finding god in truth
I'm trying to
Make you conscious too
I got a lot to do
My mind is full
Of things that I pursue
With a plan or two
But I'm a fool
Cause my life's consumed
With living like you

Use to wake up every day like, "Fuck"
No pay so no way to buy lunch
Still spark j's inhaled through my lungs
Who would of thought the table would switch up
Few blocks down
Hit [?] sa cop loud
Pops kickin' niggas out
My mond is shocked now
Jail in my house
They had me locked down
Had suicidal thoughts, who cares if I'm around
Now I look back
No choice but to 'laps
Still on the same path
But yo boy is a man
Still lay a nigga flat
On the floor if he yack
But I've grown to evolve
And resolve shit, relax
Finally found love when the law got detached
Gambled with drugs but know I don't need that
Hang with the thugs but know I don't need that
Gotta rise above shit that's keeping us back

[Issa Gold]
A god son but need maturing
I'm feeling lost when I'm caught up
The money calling
What's more important
But I think I found
Middle ground using my sound
Spitting lyrical but still making bangers to move the crowd
Contradiction of soul but it's who I've become
Influenced through my journey and the hood that I'm from
But as I advance I leave my goof in my past
I'm getting older and colder
I like to thank my fame

Niggas never doubt
Neither did they help out
Felt down, didn't have a crowd
With an ill style
Through the trial
Never throw the towel
Even in the now
Drought cloud
Start to make a round
'fore they tap ground
Always had faith but i'm losing that now
Momma told me be patient, the greats get crowned
I pray that one day I can make her smile
Make life worthwhile before lights out
Blessed adolescent, you support my style
Passed depths of the prep
Need to live life now
Test after test get swept if ya fail
But I know I did well
So there is more to entail
Learn everyday from each soul that I meet
Never know when that same soul can decease
Trust me the ghost you are close if you reach
When your heart is your home
You can owner every dream

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