Warghosts - Harmonica In the Desert [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Warghosts
Album: Enter the Batlands
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Prophet-One
Tekst: Holocaust, Bomshot

Tekst piosenki

In a desert land--a white centipede
He works in an alien power station with no memory
Ghost town renegades, specters who walk in September days
An enemy writer thinks machines are conspiring against him
A thousand henchmen
Three soldiers explore the site of a last stand by Indians
Your sky fighter is shot down and imprisoned
A women resists efforts to give a perfect beauty
Leads the residents to believe that the Robot Tank's ghost is in their community
Scientists explain some of the deadliest threats to humanity
Psychics, animal communicators, psychiatrists uses visions against insanity
Members of a rescue team encounters deadly dinosaurs behind a door
Railroad accidents more frequent in the 1800's, hardcore
Innovative studies of sexual behavior
A couple awakes in strange surroundings were Indians are at war
And a man stands paler
Siberian apocalypse, my criteria documents
A condemned man plans his execution
My force knock a pilot out of his cockpit
A man with reoccurring nightmares fears sleep
A hoodlum shot by police, thinks he is in Heaven, in a city deep
Scandal rocks an army regiment when a respected General is found dead again
A pawn rules over the shadowy world of death squads and extermination camps with bad medicine
Some warriors once believed their hearts were in their stomachs
A hundred yards over the rim there are zombies by the hundreds

The Warghost, son we setting up more posts
We only got two arms but we holding up four toasts
The head holders rolling with dead soldiers
Bringing fire from the Sun down to Earth and then scold you
My hearts cold, it's like my minds hotter than Hell
Cast a spell and leave you lost inside an empty wishing well
Inside the bottomless pit, you guys ___ when I spit
That it release a toxic gas that'll make the hostages sick
My style remains rugged like dusty World War II boots
You can bring all your recruits, you'll still need more troops
Bombs like wombats, prepare for Mortal Combat
I'mma bring it with possible harm, and where your moms at
None of your best vets could ever fuck with us
Get every bone in your body straight crushed to dust
I lust for puss, make you fucking shit out your guts
Stab wounds at full moons is a plus for us
Cobwebs and frog legs, eating bloody dog heads
Sacrilege blasphemous rhymes, you think God has only one year left
You pussy's scared to death
I let you marinate in Hell just to prepare your flesh
If you don't use your knife, you gonna lose your life
Then we gonna have to bring out the burial tools tonight
You fools can't fight, up on it, fucking bruise your site
Then assault your battle crews and abuse this mic right

A solar explosion raises temperatures drastically
Follows the trail of mysterious of death of microphone athletes
The dark curse three years after a meteor devastates the Earth
A computer manufacturers death, neon eater, mantrap lurk
On the hillside of the farscape
A strange man has knowledge of the Star Gates
'Snow Dog' werewolf, a group of campers are rather
Programmed for murder, panic
To receive a top secret tank schematic
In the mountain community with no observer
The six ranger battalion's attempts to penetrate thirty miles behind enemy lines
In order to rescue one thousand POWs, the samurai is blind
Scrambled to stop an underwater disruption that threatens to destroy mankind
Perhaps some underground factory Deep 11
Employs thousands of concentration camp workers to manufacture the Robot Tank's secret weapons
Some killers choose by type their victims
Murderer is sometimes use to silence people who threaten the system
An excavation reveals four skeletons
A bad man shoot a bird out of a tree
What better than
Indian feathers rare
Many historic lighthouses are close to being lost forever
The buzzing pyramids of Mexico, the illicit, horrific misery
And gang of bikers who killed a drug dealer in the street
A young woman escapes death, a man leads an expedition to Germany
A butchered skull of a young man found in a pit, you learn in a dream
May be part of a mysterious atomic bomb
Focuses on his violent rise to power
Some military genius, a woman who witnessed the murder by a song
In this vital hour, let's go about
You'll be bullet riddled, bloody, trying to get your pistol cocked
Alarm, with your forearm, shot in the head
Slumped on the side of a photo-house
At night I escaped the flames of Typhoid Mary
There are other Indian tales more scary
You are then stricken with every kind of disease and every kind of sickness
You are then taken with various diseases and pains an die of illness

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