Deltron 3030 - Battle Song [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Deltron 3030
Album: Deltron 3030
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Dan the Automator

Tekst piosenki

Interplanetary adversaries battling for supremacy
Sounds like a good way to build up my infamy
Soon as Automator sent for me
We headed over to receive our registration forms from the galactic embassy
(Yes may I help you)
Remember me
To escape a global panic we had to intercede
(Oh you're here for the battle forms)
Yeah can we get them for free
(I'm afraid not you'll have to pay the entry fee)
It was worth a try when we 1st arrived on mercury
Gravity adjustment was a must then
Step up contestant
Number 12, I was 13 he started bursting ammunition that wasn't working
His rudimentary technical abilities couldn't kill me
Knocked me for a loop
But I can still breath
He had the crowd going by appearance
Then comes the anticipated interference from his squad of guards
I bust back with an onslaught of Hydrothermal clod that burn their third eye
Though outnumbered I come with heat & trigger a massive explosion to the beat
They hit me with compressed air
Left my chest bare
My sonic stun gun takes em out by the next snare

We won the bout just as the oxygen tanks were running out
So we're back to the ship
Pull a map from a blip
Manipulate the cursor
Recharge our essentials set the coordinates then flow
Through a trillion miles of space with style embrace
Next stop Pluto to rock these new flows
Atmosphere methane be strategic like a chess game
Leaves this mc with chest pains
I had to battle a shadow in his black life form
He dazzled me added 3 points to his score
Engulfed my microphone with darkness added 3 more
The panel started to roar
I had to find the core of his power
He stretched his text causing me to black out
It took my DAT out
I couldn't back out
It took out the sound man I'm taking a pounding
I bust out a acappella that's astounding
Project a unibeam through his spleen
Pulled out my x-ray cannons to disintegrate the phantom
It's not finite cell structure ruptured
His form will get all bust up into clusters
Shadowy masses spread to the greater darkness of outer space
Now I'm placed 1st among artists

Serve dude, more space travel
(Yes deltron)
What have you
Next destination
(The colony of Sicilia: an earth colony)
Oh, this is appealing
With mic in place we was off breathing frost
In the void thinking what if we had lost
Entertain an ignorant thought
Land Ho, Sicilia we entered the port
Fill out a few forms then we meet our challenger named Qusar
(No matter who you are I'll handle ya)
He's a real charmer
I threw on my plasteel armor
He wants to absorb the talents that I worked so hard for
A biter hard core
I busted a few shots and opened him like a car door
He was a quadruped, four arms
He hit me with four fore arms made of bronze
I said Automater play the song
(You got it)
Was the theme
Made a slight alteration in my scheme
Set him up with a cognition beam with his double team
Leaned toward his dome piece and reamed the back of his neck
With a cranial disruption siphon
Squeezed out his brain like juice
Like a python

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