Deltron 3030 - Things You Can Do [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Deltron 3030
Album: Deltron 3030
Data wydania: 2008-09-16
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Dan the Automator

Tekst piosenki

Things you can do, Some can't be done (7x)
(3030 way past the millennium, check it out)
Things you can do...

[Verse 1]
Yo, Deltron thunderforce, ain't no other source
Of sunlight, two ton mic, leave you tongue-tied
Runnin' amok with technology with no apology
Shout it out to my colony with 3rd eye physiology
Millennium past apocalypse is all I spit
Make you swallow it, your weak style, I'll abolish it
With nuclear rockets stay glued to your optics with sci-fi
Unsettlin' man and metal blends
Underground chillin' with the mole man and his whole fam
Inhibit bacteria growth, material growth
Impenetrable, incontestable indigestible
Intelligence, NEVER let a computer tell me SHIT
It's rapping innovation, penetrating
Artificial life forms, who bite songs
I'ma buy a Vex,lye is next,then I flip the bio-techs
Right into the wireless, your 3rd eye is hit with psoriasis
The mightiest, Deltron Zero traverse and purged
The travesties, that tempts your ear holes
The area of distribution, lifts the clueless
My flow is like, liquid oxygen, rip it often with
Specific impulse, increase the thrust, grease the cuts
Unleash a cluster of thoughts, I muster, I talk to touch ya
And rupture commercial communications
Convert solar-energy, into imagery
In the minds eye, blind side the contagious
With radioactive isotopes, to decay them
Atomic mass, they small as fragments, I magnetize the avid lies, My radiation shields reflect,rejects Decepticons
Who take the truth, and stretch it long,while I bless the song
Next level incredible, metal melding
Flexibility and my engine is never failing

Things you can do, Some can't be done (7x)
Things you can do...

[Verse 2]
All your rhyme histories combined
Couldn't violate the prime optimus operative
Use my hydrometer to see how warm you are
Watch me form a star
Hydrogen turned to helium when I shine
Riding 'em revealing 'em leading 'em to the vacuum
Interact with tunes in my digital citadel
Critical pivotal with the mental shit on you
Spit infinity hidden energies too dope
For our planet, star spanning slamming hymns with
Mechanical limbs, scanning your lens
With cosmic rays, you'll all get played
Your brain's inferior, I hit the lateral and posterior
My science is eerier, ionic bonding
For your moronic pondering, meet the Armorines
My micro machines might throw your team into paralysis
They not talented, Just a malady
Worry 'bout a salary, creative casualty
Couldn't defrag my power density intensity
Nonequivalence, 900 Newtons
Crush you like croutons, you plus you, son
Hiero's like dipoles inside a silo
Turbulence tenfold, never simple
Defies excepted methods development most unique
Paralyze central nervous when you close to me
Interstellar void fills with color, appears to bubble
And split into four like amoeba
Inhabitin' planets with grandiose boasts
Coast like silver surfer, feel the purpose
High velocity verbal atrocities
Fire resistance, better hire assistance
My pistons glisten ultra high performance
Inside your private quarters where I fry your components


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