MEF - Feel It In The Air Remix [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: MEF
Album: Go Hard 2:Jersey City
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

They tell you ever lie is white
Thats why I don't trust officers on sight
End up running for my life
End up with a gun charge
I was just outside, wasn't doing harm
A young lying broad
Made officers alarmed and ared
Ready to kill a nigga who just got a new born
He don't sweat it though, he got money yo
He hardly smoke, this guy name Joe
What you know
My brother sentenced to jail, been about 8 years since I seen him
Gotta post bail (free G-Brim), remember sirens
Seeing my pop
Officers and him verbally fighting
Now after all that bullshit he says keep writing, education first
Since my brith, man this life a curse
We should live in reverse
Me dead, him alive
Just because I felt like I was apart of his death
Like it was homicide, I want suicide
Better yet I want an officers life
Feeling like, I can make a difference
Feeling like, its my decision
Good or bad ending, hero meet villian
Now I see past the cieling
Criminal to victim, crown lifting
Then again I'm just a Dickinson clown
Around my city
Put more attention in music and they forget me
Out here chasing benji's for a bentley

And these hoes just messing with niggas
And sometimes messing around is why we pull triggers
Why don't you take a scalpel and split a real nigga
Or take a chainsaw to my head and be a head splitter
Didn't know she do me like that
Sex for breakfast,Lies for lunch, and Money for dinner
Bitch was a trickster
Thrown my heart in a mixture of lies
Thought it was truth but it feel the same
Thats my allaby
Who cares about your side
I got different stories
But only understood by God
I was waiting to die
Now I'm counting how long I can surive
In this cold world when it feel like thermal outside....
Should I be Sub-Zero and slide
Or be Scorpion to prove I won't hide
Could you understand what I feel inside
Rapping in this room
The world changing its costume
A mess that can't be cleaned and broomed
Just blow up like boom
I'm officially an underdog, that's the old news
Women who fuck with me, gave me trust issues
Keeping it real, anyway I feel
Believe it or not, the truth is ugly
You fake dummies should be silence like mummies
So keeping it real, always stays in the deal
But voodoo is the trick when you can't lead shit
Love to party, till your new born in a crypt

Through it all I stood high
Never thought I could fly
But I know a snake can only rattle
Then scadadle, a snitch can get stich if they tattle
And anyone can die in the heat of battle
So its all on you to feel the presence in the air
Or fight the whole world, tackle to tackle.....
Get stuck in shackels
A sinner take a look at the bible
A saint sins like there's no tomorrow....
Maybe we ain't living
Maybe we just dying for the souls we borrow
Tomato To-mato
Its all the same from a perspective
Choose a side
Biggie, 2Pac, or Easy-E
No matter what you say, they became MC's
And I'm willing to fight for mine
Is what you get....
If you don't do a single thing,peace

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