MEF - I Ain't A Star [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: MEF
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Uh,uh, shout out to the boy Ian
I promise I was going to kill this
Like I'm killing a witness
Your torment in prison
You claim your a monster
But the beast owns your ass
Fuck conviction
Yeah suspension is what I get
When I fight with some stupid bitch
Who claim he better
But truly weigh less than a feather
Tried being a good fella
But thats where I gotta say never
Thats a hater for you
Talk now and hide forever....
They ask me my name
I said Mef, take it to the brain
Remember my lines and ride me like the train
Watch me in my four corner room
Get up to that young money fame
Are you trying take a pic and put me in your frame
This rap got no chorus
I hope your ready
Better be a man, don't strap yourself with a machete
And if you not, its goodbye Betty
Like Meek Said
Ready or Not here I come
But I'm too dam raw
Ask your bitch when I cum
Are you sure thats your son
Think you strap but you have no idea
The name of a single gun
So your pockets do like the track team, and run
Jewelry is the finest
You so dam lazy all you do is rob it
Your less important than a side kick
I'm the bat man
And you can be robin
Then again you out of this story
Green Goblin
Less twisted than Hopsin
Call the doctor, disease of a rapture
Real talk, bullets will treat you like a top, cap ya
And if you get smart, I'll do like pokemon and catch ya....
Smart references and smart preferences
Getting high like I'm getting blessings in this bitch
Spoken with a reason
I ain't shit, yet
But HD is the best
If you respect my intellect
You understand why fake people get my neglect
Never shelter someone who a theif
And never go out your way for the person who sneak
Telling you these creeps will cut you deep
You'll be disitected
And figure out who really the freak
This all coming from someone who wanted peace
I'm not getting weak I'm getitng stronger
Hercules in this
Kratos conducts business
Zues lighting up a witness
This my first rap on this channel
My bars make you defenless
Goneeeee 3x
Thrawwwwww, (I ain't a star2x)
Thrawwwwww, (I ain't a star3x) 2x

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